Are you ready to bring 2015 to a close and kickstart your business in 2016 making MORE money in the first 30 days of the New Year? Listen to this week’s episode of Unstoppable Success Radio to hear how you can Skyrocket Sales in 2016 with Kelly’s 30 Day Challenge! During this Episode Kelly explains: How […]

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Is your fear of selling ruining your life?  Some avoid selling and struggle along until the business dies a slow, painful death. Others run out of money fast and chalk it up to a bad market or tough industry. But very few small business owners “get it” when it comes to the 4 pillars of […]

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We have all had it happen! You are super excited you FINALLY got the meeting or phone appointment with a prospect you have wanted to work with for months or even years. Then the day before or even the day of, BAM, they cancel out of nowhere or simply forget the appointment all together. Why? […]

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The number one reason for entrepreneurial burnout is undercharging. If you’re struggling with pricing, you’re not alone. In fact, raising prices and putting together multi-thousand dollar packages and programs is one of the key areas I focus a lot of time helping small business owners implement. Pricing impacts not only your profit and income but […]

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Courage is incredibly important in sales. Because ear can be a very powerful force in your life. It can hold you back from the ability to grow a business that brings you true freedom and stability. So addressing fear head on is a critical part of your entrepreneurial journey. Amp up your confidence and you will […]

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How can you quickly and easily get new clients on the books to drive the income growth you want and need? Today’s simple post is a quick start action plan to get you going. Ready? Spend time selling and marketing daily. It’s so simple it seems silly but the reason most businesses struggle to keep […]

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