Why Did Your Prospect Cancel?

iStock_000016168857_ExtraSmall-2-300x199We have all had it happen! You are super excited you FINALLY got the meeting or phone appointment with a prospect you have wanted to work with for months or even years.

Then the day before or even the day of, BAM, they cancel out of nowhere or simply forget the appointment all together.


It’s important to not only acknowledge that this happens, but look at the situation objectively and try to determine what you can do in the future to prevent this from happening again.

The truth is, when you have an appointment scheduled with a prospect they know you are trying to “sell” them something.

Unless they have an urgent need at that particular moment for your
product or services,  a meeting 
or call probably feels very intrusive
to the prospect and sometimes like a waste of time.

When they scheduled the appointment it was probably in response to an event that took place or a problem that arose that called for immediate action or demanded a sudden change, but as time has passed the problem may no longer feel urgent to them.

So what can you do get them to keep the appointment so you can share your value and make a difference for them?

A few things:

  • Frame up the meeting with the specific outcome they will receive that can only be delivered through your direct interaction with them.
  • Utilize the Law of Reciprocity: Keep giving and giving and giving until your prospect feels compelled to return the favor.
  • Add Tremendous Value each and every time you contact them. Your interactions should be all about them, their success and their priorities vs. you and yours.

These 3 things alone with help you sell more, price higher and increase you and your team’s closing ratio almost immediately. A less canceled appointments with your perfect prospect!

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