Customized consulting solutions

for CEOs, C-suite executives, and leaders ready to drive results, profits, and impact.

The Business Advisory:

Maximizing team productivity, creating proven systems for scale, and implementing with ease is our bread and butter. We provide personalized business solutions combined with high-touch, 1:1 support for business owners and corporate leaders looking to improve performance, exceed KPIs, and increase revenue.

At The Business Advisory, you’ll be matched with an expert business strategist based on your unique business and needs – together, we’ll work hand in hand in bringing those goals to life.

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We work with…

  • Business owners and founders
  • Service providers (online + brick and mortar)
  • Corporate CEOs
  • Executive Leaders

Our specialities…

  • Team and leadership development
  • Sales training and high-ticket closing
  • Data-driven, integrated marketing
  • Diversified revenue streams

Why us?

Our 20+ team of business professionals bring a wide range of expertise to the table, to support your growth initiatives in every area imaginable – from the team to the C-suite – and turn your business into a well-oiled machine when it comes to both front-end acquisition and back-end operations.

See for yourself:

Krystel Borg

President of The Business Advisory

Krystel is an expert at unlocking sales potential through powerful strategy and high-performance team building. She brings an enormous amount of business acumen and experience to every project.

Ty Richardson

Vice President of Consulting & Business Solutions

People-focused, people-centered. Ty specializes in team development, with an aptitude to help employees and leaders increase performance, productivity and profitability in the workplace.

Deepak Sharma

Vice President of Operations

An expert at identifying inefficiencies that hinder your ability to scale. Deepak has led both small, midsize and large businesses to explosive growth through reducing costs, improving service delivery, and optimizing people, processes and systems.

Derek Mumford

Director of Sales

With Derek’s value-driven sales approach, your social sellers and sales leaders will master daily consultations, lead generation and nurture, and high-ticket closing.

Khairy Varre

Khairy Varre, Director of
Business Solutions

Mentoring thousands of CEOs across the globe, Khairy helps organizations develop sustainable strategies that will set them up to stand the test of time. Her expertise lies in strategic partnerships, scaled revenue growth, and coupling proven corporate strategies with a mindset for success.

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The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program