From NFL Cheerleader
to Million Dollar Mogul & Mom

Welcome! I’m Kelly Roach.

As an ex-NFL Cheerleader, health and fitness nut and Mom I might not be the typical business coach you come across.

First of all, unlike most “coaches”, I actually have experience in the trenches.

From handling hundreds of millions in assets and managing dozens of teams at once across 17 locations to engineering record-breaking turnarounds for companies and departments to breaking every single sales record in my Fortune 500 company’s history.. all before I was 30.

And secondly, I’m focused on you, your business and your lifestyle.

My goal is to help you meet your true potential and live out your dreams by building profitable businesses that enhance every aspect of your life.

Kelly’s Dream is Helping
You Achieve Yours

With my unique experience, skills and success from both the online and offline world I’m able to teach people how to build profitable, sustainable businesses without compromising their quality of life or sacrificing freedom, fun and love.

Whether it’s starting and rapidly scaling your first business, learning how to properly manage your time to exponentially explode profits while working less, growing your existing business or even just mastering the “mental game”, I’ve developed proven systems for both the corporate and entrepreneurial world that deliver real results, fast.

My number one gift is helping people tap into their potential. I stretch them beyond what they thought they were capable of and achieve things they never thought possible.

I can’t wait to connect with you personally.

Your coach,

Kelly Roach