Is Your Fear of Selling Ruining Your Life?

iStock_000016168857_ExtraSmall-1-300x199Is your fear of selling ruining your life?  Some avoid selling and struggle along until the business dies a slow, painful death.

Others run out of money fast and chalk it up to a bad market or tough industry.

But very few small business owners “get it” when it comes to the 4 pillars of sustainable business success.

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t realize that…

in order to grow a successful, profitable enterprise they will need to spend 80% or more of their time focused on the selling and marketing of their business – not “doing the work” they are so passionate about.

Today I am going to quickly outline four areas you should be visiting in your business on a daily basis in order to create lasting growth and profit.

Woman And Business PlanThe 4 pillars of Sustainable Business Success:
  • Selling: Direct interaction on the phone or in person with clients leading to new customers and sales
  • Marketing: Visibility, publicity and direct response advertising to gain warm leads for your sales efforts. Building your online presence, audience and platform.
  • Operations: Systems, procedures and leverage so that you can scale your operation.
  • Service: Delivering on your promise to your customers, innovating to outperform the competition, driving account penetration through service excellence, customer retention.

Now is as good a time as any to do a health check on your business. Which of these 4 pillars are you executing well?

Most small businesses do OK with 3 out of 4, with sales being the biggest struggle. Remember that even if you struggle in this area you can build a team and company that excels in selling with the right training, support and resources.

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