Double Your Referrals with these 3 Simple Strategies

Network Is Working Via Gossip And Referral (3D)I have tons of clients who have achieved a steady stream of great referrals for their business; typically organically, meaning the referrals are initiated by their customers not triggered by a request for referrals from the business owners themselves.

But what if you proactively applied a few simple strategies in your business that could practically guarantee a greater number of referrals with very little effort? Today I am going to lay out how you can double your referrals by applying three simple strategies.

So how do you increase referrals? This is a great question and a tremendously important topic because the strategies you will use to increase referrals will have a positive impact on several other areas of your business.

Start by placing your focus on creating a WOW experience for your clients and customers each and every time they purchase a product or service.

The key is to make sure each of your customers have an experience working with you and your company that is nothing short of amazing right from the start, beginning with how they are oriented to your company, staff and the product or services they purchased.

3 Simple Strategies to Double Your Referrals:
  1. Customer fills in the feedback survey isolated on blueCongratulations, Welcome & Thank You for Your Purchase: Send out a personalized email immediately welcoming them to your community and thanking them for their business. Afterwards, send a handwritten note. (This is an added touch that really stands out).
  2. Personal Orientation and Set-Up: Have a team member reach out by phone to personally welcome each client, explain your services and answer questions. (No one does this anymore and it goes a long way).
  3. Quality Assurance Calls: Reach out during the first week of their service period and once a month following (here is where everyone drops the ball). These conversations are where you begin to solidify trust and deepen the relationship to build both a lifetime customer and an ongoing referral stream. 

After you have completed steps 1-3 AND carefully reviewed and implemented any feedback and improvements your clients suggested, you can begin asking your customers for referrals. Just like in sales, repetition is key when asking for referrals, so do this often and consistently.

After you nail 1-3, there are additional steps you can take which can accelerate your timeline for success including: conducting surveys, completing service and performance reviews, soliciting ongoing feedback from your customers and implementing improvements suggested by your clients.

Remember, don’t over complicate it. When you’re ready to double your referrals, start implementing these simple strategies today!

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