How to Stop Chasing Prospects & Start Attracting High Paying Clients Now

iStock_000000339120_ExtraSmall-300x196As a Business Owner one of the best feelings in the world is getting notifications for appointment requests from prospects on your calendar each week. If you are anything like me, the thrill of closing new business and growing your impact and income never goes away.

The problem is that most small business owners never get to the point where they are getting consistent requests from prospects who are interested in meeting with them to talk about how their solutions can help…

The truth is that over 80% of businesses fail and on average most small businesses owners do less than $50k in revenue on an annual basis.

I can’t imagine that anyone reading this today said to themselves, “I am going to start my dream business and hopefully I will be able to get it to the point where I am making 50k.”

So what is the game changer?

How do you go from struggling and chasing prospects to consistently closing new clients each and every week in your business?

There are 3 Keys to Creating this Tipping Point in Your Business:
  1. Creating systems in your business for sales and marketing. These systems work together to capture, nurture and convert new leads like clock work.
  2. Building a stellar team. Finding the right people to support your business as you grow is crucial. Learning how to hire, train, coach and develop an A team is a must for a leveraged, profitable enterprise. This will look completely different depending on the stage your business is in, but you get the idea.
  3. Give them a reason to reach out to you. Creating engagement with your community by offering huge value and insights that help them see a path to what they want and that you can help them get there. The key is using the right words to describe what you do and how you help that resonates with them. Too many entrepreneurs struggle to gain clients because they use lingo or descriptors about what they do that mean absolutely nothing to their target audience.

I hope these 3 strategies are helpful in guiding you towards what you can do to get clients requesting to speak with YOU, so you can raise your prices, work less, earn more and live life to the fullest.

If you are not seeing the level of new client growth that you want to see in your business and want some help determining how to start implementing these strategies in your business visit and apply for a conversation with me today.

For more tips to bring the prospects to you (and cut out the chase!),
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