Multiply Your Profits, Minimize Your Workload

Group of confident business partners interacting at meetingThere is one skill that allows you to take the results you have created on your best day, replicate and multiply them exponentially to a level of profits you never could have achieved otherwise and this skill is LEADERSHIP.

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs cringe at the thought of managing a team and everything that comes with it. Yes, managing people is work, but when you learn how to do it well it is pure magic.

Most entrepreneurs end up creating another job for themselves instead of creating a Freedom Based Business because…
  • They don’t get the help they need with operational and administrative work so they can do their genius work – building profits.
  • They are afraid to invest in employees because of the risk of turnover and challenges that come with performance management.
  • They end up just doing it themselves because it is “slower and more work” to train someone else to get the job done.

You can probably see that this paints a pretty miserable picture of a day in the life of the average business owner, and stops them from the profits they are aiming for.

The flip side of this is that those who invest in learning how to hire, train, grow and develop leaders in their company or organization are able to generate exceptional results with significantly less workload, less stress and more freedom in and out of the office.

So now is the time to evaluate yourself as a leader.
  • Do you invest in developing and cultivating top talent around you? Are you teaching them how to earn profits?
  • Do you hold your employees and contractors accountable to deliver measurable and specific results?
  • Do you coach them to course correct and help them improve daily to better support you?
  • When you bring on support in your business at any level do you invest in training, developing and cultivating their skill set so they will produce the results that will impact your bottom line?
  • Are you able to focus your time, energy and efforts on high dollar profit generating activities because you have the right support around you in areas outside of your genius zone?

Becoming a leader allows you to be a proactive visionary, a person of influence and impact. You most likely cannot think of anyone that made it to the top of their field or industry without support along the way.

What steps can you take today to inspire those around you to go further
and do more (and bring in profits) to support you as you pursue your dreams?

I would love you to share your thoughts on leadership and what makes an extraordinary team. Feel free to share your comments on the blog!

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