Ditch the JOB, Have a BUSINESS

Business man looking at factory that makes money from ideas concEntrepreneurs and Small Business Owners alike struggle to let go of being the superhero at their previous job. They were the super employee in their corporate gig and now have perfected the craft of creating a business that is nothing more than a J.O.B.

Sound familiar?

Do you find yourself “wearing a thousand hats” or “burning the candle at both ends” just to take home little more than what you were earning in the past when you worked in the job you didn’t love, and for someone else? We all know where this leads: burnout, broken relationships due to stress and ultimately the business going under.

I don’t know about you, but one of the primary reasons I made the switch from having a job to having my own business was to uncap my income.

There are many things strategically that need to be put in place to avoid this conundrum but today I am going to highlight 3 things you need to get in place right away to ensure you are able to work less and earn more than you have at any point previously.

  1. Re-occurring Revenue: Design and sell high-end packages which include ongoing payments and profits for 12 months or longer. This means you aren’t working a job all day long, but creating revenue that is continuous so you can focus on the things you’re most passionate about.
  2. Weekly Sales and Marketing Metrics: Make sure you or your team is executing a weekly plan based on your conversion ratio and new client goals so that you can ensure that you meet and exceed your client acquisition goals every week during regular business hours.
  3. Price Increases: Somewhere between 2 and 4 times a year you need to assess your pricing, market elasticity and how much resistance you are getting and determine if it is time to raise your rates. This is the one that scares people the most but is actually the easiest to do.

If you were unhappy being the super employee at your job,
but are struggling to grow your own business…

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