“Me Too” Marketing is Killing Your Business

Me too on keyboardThere is an epidemic going on in the online world right now and it is killing businesses faster then Entrepreneurs can dream them up. I have termed this epidemic, “Me Too” Marketing.

I see this all too often when new clients arrive on my doorstep and are wondering why they can’t seem to grow their business in spite of the 500+ marketing tactics and strategies they have employed. Today I am going to explain how “Me Too” Marketing is killing your business and how you can avoid it.

The truth is…

it takes skill, money and time for most online marketing strategies to work and it has to be the right strategy at the right time for your business. This whole notion of “Me Too” just doesn’t work.

The internet has made it very confusing for most individuals trying to grow their business because you see everything that “everyone” else is doing and think that they’ve found the silver bullet for creating financial success…

The problem is, the individuals that you see utilizing these strategies, doing them well and actually making money using them worked for years implementing the fundamentals.

They built their business until they were in a position to leverage their audience, sweat equity, and literally, at the push of a button, email sent, generate cash.

Here’s what’s missing…

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners today want to skip over the fundamental building blocks needed to build, scale and leverage their business. The wrong strategy, at the wrong time results in time wasted, dollars down the drain and little to no income to speak of.

In fact the latest stats I am aware of imply that most small businesses are doing somewhere around 50k in revenue. I don’t know about you but last I checked that doesn’t scream freedom, financial security or fulfillment.

So what can you do? How do you avoid the lure of “Me Too Marketing”
before it kills your business?

Here are my Top 4 Fundamental Business Building Blocks:
  1. Business person climbing up on colourful chart pillars concept oLearn the basics. Get really, really good at sales or building a sales team to sell for you.
  2. Get Clear. Get super clear on the solutions you provide and identify the right people to get your solutions or product in front of.
  3. Learn how to become a premium provider in your niche that can demand high prices-because you’re worth it. Effective pricing = working less and earning more = FREEDOM
  4. Get results through others. Do the genius work, sell, market and grow your business and get help with the rest. Being a super employee will only get you so far.

These are the 4 invaluable skills that will never fail you and will allow you to grow your business exponentially year after year.

Once you get these down have at it with every tactic and strategy you see blasted all over the internet just put yourself in a position to capitalize on them first.

Ready to stop saying, “Me Too” in your business and find your own success?

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