The Bridge to Freedom Business Coaching & Mastermind Program

World Class Business Training that Creates a No-Fail Incubator Setting Allowing You To:

  • Group of confident business partners interacting at meetingSkyrocket Your Sales
  • Dramatically Increase Your Profits
  • Leverage Your Time to Create True Lifestyle Freedom

In other words, you’ve crossed the bridge into entrepreneurship, and now you’re ready to claim the freedom that awaits you.

Imagine how your business and life would be changed if you were able to get a hands on, step-by-step road map to building a multi-six figure business and beyond from an expert who has built millions in business year after year and helped so many others do the same.


“New Client Growth is through the Roof!”

Joel Gilhang“Developing a strategic partnership with Kelly as my business coach was and still is one of the smartest investments I have made in my business. This year alone we will double our revenue and triple new client growth in my financial services firm. We have also implemented a variety of processes and systems to allow my business to grow and prosper for years to come!

If you are looking to take your business and income to the next level Kelly is the perfect partner to help you make it happen!”

Joel B. Gilhang
President & Director of Financial Planning & Investments, Gilhang Financial Group, LLC

“From Concept to Company in just a few months!”

Karina“Coaching with Kelly helped me transform my ideas and passion into a profitable business in just a few months. As a leader in a public government organization, it was quite a leap into my entrepreneurial journey with a total start up. Kelly helped me focus and implement the core components necessary to get into action and get going and growing. I saved thousands of dollars and skipped over years of hardship in designing and launching my business with the guidance of a seasoned pro. Coaching with Kelly is an investment you are sure to get a return on for years to come!”

Karina De La Cruz, MOL
Founder of Siembra Life

“0 to $26,000.00 in 4 weeks”

“I hired Kelly to get my Sales Team productive. We are an InternatiSalimonal Spice Company with clientele that have high standards and require both customization and sophistication in the sales and service delivery process. In just four weeks Kelly was able to take my new sales representative, who was not producing any revenue, from 0 to $26,000.00 in sales. She now continues to grow, develop and excel with Kelly’s direction. If you are a Business Owner, Executive or Entrepreneur that needs to drive revenue and sales growth, get started coaching with Kelly to make an immediate impact on your bottom line.”

Salim Mavany
Owner, Majestic International Spice

Karen Kieffer“Kelly helped me create and execute a no-fail plan to achieve a 20% growth in my business in record time!”

“As a business executive working full time and building my own company, partnering with Kelly gave me the focus, strategy and encouragement to expand into a new market, onboard a new employee and streamline our company growth strategy all while continuing to excel in my full time position!”

Karen Kieffer
Owner, Pfitzer Pest Control


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When you join the Bridge to Freedom™ Movement your membership includes:  


Live Group Coaching And Mastermind Calls

In our live sessions, you receive personalized attention and focus on your business.  Come prepared with your unique challenges business, people, statistics and team work concept - close up ofand opportunities, and together we will show you the way.

You will experience not only coaching from Kelly Roach, but true masterminding with your fellow members – as defined by Napoleon Hill, creator of the modern mastermind concept.

As the Bridge To Freedom Business™ Coaching And Mastermind continues to grow, each mastermind group will have a maximum of 25 members so you experience a true sense of community and support.

You will be invited to a minimum of two LIVE group coaching calls per month. Additional calls are added as needed. These sessions will take place at 8:00 PM Eastern / 5:00 PM Pacific on Thursdays.  While it’s highly recommended you attend every session, we know business and life can get in the way.  For this reason, recordings will be posted inside our secure members’ area.


52 Weeks of Laser-Focused Business Trainings

Each 30 minute training will provide you with quick actionable strategies to help you accelerate growth, leverage your time
and impact your income.

Business Concept Of Attract, Convert, RetainThese trainings will help you in the following areas of your business

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Growing your business online
  • Traditional Business to Business Sales
  • Hiring, coaching and retaining your dream team
  • Building infrastructure to scale your business
  • Time Management
  • Business Automation
  • Content Marketing

These on-tap, 24/7/365 “on-demand” business trainings are delivered weekly and available for immediate download on a variety of devices for your convenience. 


Access To Our State of the Art Membership Site

members-areaThe moment you claim your spot in the Bridge to Freedom Program, you will receive your unique username and password, giving you access to our Members’ Area.

Inside, you will find:

  • Immediate access to thousands of dollars worth of trainings, audios, done for you templates, checklists and swipe files
  • Recordings of every live coaching and mastermind call (in case you miss a session)
  • Your laser-focused business trainings available on-demand
  • My “Secret Rolodex” of referrals and recommended vendors to save you time getting the external support and resources you need


Private Facebook Discussion Group

discussion-forumPart of what sets this training program apart is the opportunity to gain direct support from me, as well as network and get to know your fellow entrepreneurs, on a 24/7 basis, between our scheduled meetings.

The Private Facebook Forum is a for members only area where you can post topics for discussion, items for review and questions for Kelly as well as the group.

This is the perfect place to collaborate with other members and gain referrals. Some of our members even decide to do business with one another.


Exclusive Interviews with Experts

expert-interview2These bonus trainings are a collection of exclusive interviews with 6 and 7 figure Business Owners and Entrepreneurs hand selected by Kelly to provide insight and education on a variety of niche business topics beyond the scope of our regular curriculum.

Topics include social media marketing and advertising, tools, resources and strategies for managing virtual teams, increasing web conversions, building a referral marketing and affiliate program and so much more.


Kelly Roach SpeakingPrivate Coaching with Kelly

For those who are seriously committed to rapid, unparalleled growth you may opt to join our Pro or Platinum Membership Levels and work with Kelly privately.

Private Coaching allows our members to cut weeks or even months off their timeline for success. Kelly has helped hundreds of individuals radically grow their business and double or even triple their income. This customized work ensures you will have not only the information and plan for execution but support through implementation and ultimately new income generation.


The Curriculum

The 52 week Curriculum is extensive and comprehensive meaning you do not need to be in any other training or coaching group while in the Bridge to Freedom Program.

Here are a few of the Power Packed topics we will cover:

  • Woman And Business PlanCreate Your Next 6 Figure Breakthrough with the exact road map to your first or next 100k in your business
  • Develop and implement a high powered metrics management system and see an IMMEDIATE increase in profit, sales and growth
  • Design a sales campaign proven to generate millions of dollars in profit year after year
  • Build, fill, and manage your sales pipeline to create consistent, predictable and sustainable income faster and easier than ever before
  • Drastically increase your closing ratio, no matter how tenured your sales team may be
  • Effective Enrollment Conversations will teach you how to cash in on the easiest, most convenient way to close high dollar sales from the comfort of your own home (or on the beach or at the pool for that matter)
  • Use my personal best time compression strategies to accomplish years of progress in a matter of months
  • And much more!

Perhaps the best part of the Bridge to Freedom Program is that beyond the set weekly curriculum, we solicit YOUR feedback throughout the program to determine the topics, trainings and resources we will create moving forward.


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See It For Yourself… Here’s A Quick Tour Of Our Exclusive Members’ Area!

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Three Levels To Best Meet Your Needs…
Which One Works Best For You?

Depending on where you are with your business right now, we have the level of support you need to help you cross your Bridge To Freedom.

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Your Questions About The Bridge To Freedom Business™ Coaching & Mastermind Answered!

How long is the Bridge To Freedom Business™ Coaching And Mastermind Program?

This is a 12-month rolling program the you can choose to re-renew or opt-out of, after the initial 12-month commitment. This program takes you through all phases of planning, discussion, implementation and results generation in your business. As with any accomplishment of substance, this takes commitment, time and diligence.To create a sustainable, profitable business you must be willing to put into your business what you expect to get out.

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Will I be just a number?

Each mastermind group will have a maximum of 25 members. As the program continues to grow, we will form more groups.

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I have tried other coaching programs before and ended up right back where I started – struggling!

Think back on the programs you have participated in, in the past and ask yourself if they truly met all of your needs. Most likely, the program was highly impactful in one area or another… but did not encompass all aspects of surrounding you in an incubator-like setting to ensure your success.

Our special recipe of coaching and masterminding (we recognize “coaching” and “masterminding” are two different things), business training, and private coaching supports you on YOUR terms, in the manner that best serves YOUR needs.

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What if I get started and then decide this just isn’t for me!

Well… it hasn’t happened yet, but there is a first for everything. Within the first 30 days, if you decide that the Bridge To Freedom Business™ Coaching And Mastermind has not absolutely blown you away we will happily break your contract and send you on your way – no problem! And you can even hold onto the first few trainings and coaching calls as a “thank you” for giving it a shot.

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How do I know this program will cover the topics, content and training that I personally need to grow my business?

The answer is four-fold.

  • First, because so much of the program is live and interactive, you constantly have the opportunity to influence the discussion and content that is being covered throughout the calls.
  • Second, during your private sessions with Kelly Roach, you have the opportunity to get help on everything and anything you are stuck on in your business.
  • Third, you will hear from us constantly asking how you are doing and what you need. This is your opportunity to speak up and ask – and we will deliver.
  • Fourth, with our broad reach touching hundreds of business professionals, owners and entrepreneurs across dozens of industries, we are tapped into what you need.

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What topics, information and training will the Bridge To Freedom Business™ Coaching And Mastermind cover?

The short answer is – way, way too much to cover here.

Everything from new client acquisition, sales, marketing, management, hiring, training, business automation, outsourcing, product and program design, email marketing and the list goes on. If you have specific questions regarding curriculum topics please email Kelly’s team at

What kind of Businesses Does the Bridge to Freedom Program support?

Here are just a few…


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Why choose Kelly Roach?

KellyKelly’s experience, track record and most importantly RESULTS as a Fortune 500 Executive, Business Owner and Entrepreneur speak for themselves. Kelly has achieved high levels of success in all of her business endeavors at rocket speed and in fact that’s one of her unique differentiators.

There’s a difference between someone who has built millions of dollars in business from the ground up, hired, developed, coached and trained hundreds of individuals and has been there and done it themselves on the field and in the trenches vs. someone that woke up one day and decided to become a “coach.”

When your ready to work with a coach that’s focused on results, action and implementation to impact your bottom line, Kelly is the obvious partner in your success.

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Awesome!  I’m ready! How do I get started?

This program is by application only so that we maintain the utmost quality in contributors to the community AND ensure that those who participate are truly committed to getting results. Kelly’s reputation depends on helping business owners put money in their pocket and profit in their business. This means there is no room for excuse makers, slackers or people making a half-assed effort expecting a wholehearted return.

So if you are committed to your success and creating a better future for your family and are willing to do the work to make it happen start by completing your application here.

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Still not sure if you are ready to cross the Bridge to Freedom?

Find out how Kelly can help you grow your business and transform your bottom line. Apply for your FREE 30 minute strategy session here.


One Final Thought, Before You Make The Decision
To Cross The “Bridge To Freedom”

If you can say “YES” to any of the following…

  • “I’m ready to make 2015 my best year ever!”
  • “I’m ready to achieve freedom and create multiple streams of income!”
  • “I’m ready for a lifestyle that lets me give back!”

…. then now is the time to let us join you in creating your Bridge To Freedom Business™.

The first step is to schedule a 30-minute, 1-on-1 strategy session with Kelly Roach, where you will work with Kelly to determine how the Coaching and Mastermind can best serve your business needs.


“I’m Ready To Make This Happen, Kelly!
How Do I Join The Program?”

Complete the application for your introductory strategy session with Kelly Roach:

click-here-to-apply-nowIf you have questions or need assistance with your application, we’re ready to help!
E-mail for fast response!


To Your Success and Freedom,


P.S. Together, we will design your ideal, freedom-based business based on your desired projections, success timeline, and more. It is possible to achieve and grow your Bridge To Freedom Business™ with the right support, tools, and knowledge.

Now is the time to take that first step forward.

P.P.S. Need even more? Here’s what a few more of Kelly’s recent coaching clients are saying:

“Coaching with Kelly has dramatically improved my Quality of Life!”

Kim Phelan“Working with Kelly gave me the strategies and tools to stop working 14 hour days and weekends! By learning key productivity, leadership and delegation strategies I am now able to focus on raising funds and creating educational programs to take my organization to the next level. I highly recommend coaching with Kelly for high achieving individuals that need balance, structure and guidance to get to the next level, in every area of life. Once you make the decision to work with Kelly, you will wonder- why didn’t I do this 5, 10 or 20 years ago? I am so glad I did!”

Kim Phelan
Vice President, Coalition for Hemophilia B

dmdesignslogo“Kelly is not just my coach, I consider her a member of my team”

“Through one-on-one coaching with Kelly I was able to double my rates, streamline my business and drive a multitude of efficiencies to reduce my working hours! Coaching with Kelly is an investment that will pay off for years to come! She is a great addition to my business. Kelly is not just my coach, I consider her a member of my team. 2014 is going to be a great year!”

Dan Murphy
Owner & Artist, DM Designs, LLC

“Kelly’s Business Acceleration Bootcamp has more than paid for itself.”

“I completed Kelly’s intensive business training and coaching program and she receives my highest recommendation. This is a must-attend for any business owner Lindsey Andersonserious about growing their business. I have successfully raised my rates by 20%! I am now focusing solely on the clients who are willing to pay for my expertise and it’s paying off. She motivated me to track results and tackle marketing in a productive way. The class has more than paid for itself. Kelly delves into the nitty-gritty and guided me in making the fundamental changes that my business needed. I would highly recommend Kelly’s training no matter how large or small your business is.”

Lindsey Anderson
Owner, Web Impakt: Idado Falls Web Design & Development


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