Close More Clients with Ease

Stop chasing prospects! You CAN become effective at closing more clients with ease — and I’m excited to bring you the tools of the trade to kickstart your business by adding new clients each month or week.

After all, your clients are the ones paying your bills! How can you get them coming to you, instead of the other way around?

One of the biggest issues with entrepreneurs and small business owners is that they shy away from sales. Online marketing is awesome, and social media is a must… but you need to get those followers onto your list and into some sort of conversion event.

This, and only this, will result in closing more clients.

Episode 44

And if you aren’t balancing out your marketing with a healthy dose of sales, you are likely not seeing the ROI you’d like.

I’m hesitant to even say that episode 44 of Unstoppable Success Radio is a podcast episode, because it’s not. It is a free training that is laying out the process of how I close my clients in my own business. The best part? You can do it, too.

So let’s re-title this one: consider episode 44 your on-demand audio training to get this Monday started off on a profitable note.

You will learn:

  • Which questions you need to ask yourself before you begin to include sales in your overall plan, + the 3 tips to cut down on the number of required conversations before you are able to close a new client
  • How to translate each of those tips into conversion strategies to work less and earn more
  • What the heck I’m talking about when it comes to conversions, and how to use buying triggers with your prospects
  • How to become to go-to for information to prospective clients to close the gap between you and them

There are very specific things you can do to close more clients with ease — and this quick and easy audio is your pro lesson to becoming a closing machine.

This has less to do with the “perfect” pitch and more about listening to your prospects and being truly present in your conversations. Once you do that, your prospects will tell you exactly what they need!

Boom. Done. Another client closed.

Listen to episode 44 (your personal sales training) right here.

“Focus on serving, not selling.”


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