Butch Bellah: We Need to Stop Being Afraid of Sales

Butch Bellah is a sales trainer and the author of Sales Management for Dummies, and his experience coupled with a realistic attitude towards sales is exactly what you need to get over your fear of that one small world.

What does this all boil down to? Butch understands how and why people buy — and he’s sharing that expertise with all of us on this week’s guest episode of Unstoppable Success Radio.

In episode 45, you will learn:

– the mindset shifts you can make to start learning sales and start finally selling

– how to change your language: stop searching for prospects, and start building contacts

– Why being uncomfortable is the only way to grow and how to step out of your own comfort zone

Many entrepreneurs never pick up the phone to sell, and wonder why their businesses are going under. Don’t let this be you!

As you’ll hear Butch say, we all have the tools and talents we already need — and we can be trained to be outstanding sales professionals.

And as you’ve heard me say over and over: success is scientific, not personal.

This episode is the kick in the pants you need to start taking action, making sales, and seeing major progress in your business – no matter what stage of business you are currently in.

Are you ready to finally pick up the pace and start uncapping your income?

Then this episode is just for you.



BONUS: Butch is giving away a special gift for listeners of Unstoppable Success Radio! Visit www.butchbellah.com/kelly to get your free copy of Butch’s book, “10 Essential Habits of Sales Superstars”


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