How Sian Murphy is Getting us off the Kitchen Table

Episode 42Sian Murphy is a radio presenter, digital marketing trainer, and she specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners “get their businesses off the kitchen table” using the tools of the internet to achieve their goals.


“The internet allows us to invest with time or money,” – Sian

And it’s true: the internet has leveled the playing field, and Sian is breaking down the ways to harness the tools of the internet to attract success in episode 42 of Unstoppable Success Radio.

You will hear her discuss building an online platform, and her realistic and useful take on the new obsession with social media marketing.

Even more specifically:

  • Why we need to remember our online platform, not just our Twitter accounts
  • Her top 3 tips for those looking to move from newbie to pro in their platforms
  • How to know your target market beyond what the demographics will tell you
  • How to ditch the fear of an “imperfect” website to stop stalling our online presence

And the list goes on – Sian is an expert in this area for very good reason, and her eloquence and knowledge will leave you with multiple takeaways for building and growing your own online business.

You can listen to the full episode here!


Connect with Sian:

Twitter: @SianAMurphy

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