How to Monetize LIVE with Nicole Walters

Nicole Walters quit her six figure corporate job LIVE on Periscope in front of 10,000 people — and hasn’t looked back since. Today, she’s built her million dollar business around purpose, faith, and authenticity while teaching monetizeothers to monetize their lives.

Nicole ‘scopes consistently, and today she’s talking about how to a) get started and b) use Periscope as a real tool to grow your business instead of falling for the “shiny object syndrome” and falling off after you start.

As Nicole says, livestreaming is “the opportunity to build a business by building a relationship” with the people who follow you — and monetize!

Episode 63 of Unstoppable Success Radio is my interview with Nicole, a spitfire pro at livestreaming who holds nothing back and is giving us all of her best tips to see our own success with apps such as Periscope.


In this episode, you will learn:

– How to incorporate Periscope strategically into your social media plan with intention and purpose to monetize quickly

– How to engage with your audience to drive your business after you are done live

– Nicole’s take on how to stay authentic when putting yourself in front of hundreds or thousands of people to attract others to you and your business


If you’ve been curious about livestreaming but aren’t sure about the ROI, Nicole will clear up any doubt quickly. She is using Periscope to skip the email chains and instead draw people in and encourage a sale by simply being her true, authentic self… in front of a global audience.

It’s time to stop sitting on the sidelines and jump right in — kick your fear to the curb and take advantage of this new way to connect, engage, and monetize LIVE.


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