How Entrepreneurs Can Gain & Leverage Media Coverage with Janet Murray

Janet Murray is a UK based journalist with over 15 years of experience as a journalist and editor for some of the best known media outlets such as The Guardian.

Now, she specializes in helping entrepreneurs get coverage in places like The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, Entrepreneur, and BBC so they can launch and scale their business to the next level. Janet has an established Public Relations blog and podcast, find her at

Not many entrepreneurs think to promote their business to the media.

Janet started her career teaching classes to PR professionals on how to pitch from the journalist mindset, and now she is here on Unstoppable Success Radio to share her expertise!

Not many entrepreneurs know what a good pitch looks like or who to look for when outsourcing public relations work; Janet answers the important questions behind the power of media coverage in your business.

Media coverage instantly gives you “a rubber stamp of approval” to the rest of the world. – Janet Murray



You will learn:

  • How getting PR coverage boosts your sales and strengthens your credibility
  • Where your energy and focus are best spent when pitching a media outlet (and how to get the best return!)
  • Janet’s system to ensure your press release gets the proper attention


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