Build Your List with Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is one of the newest and best ways to build your list and grow your business.Episode 62

I’ve been using text message marketing since the fall, and the list growth has 10x’ed at least. Unstoppable Success Radio gives my team and I the perfect platform to use text opt ins… meeting people “where they are” should really be synonymous with “meeting people on mobile.”

It’s definitely a cell phone world – with smartphones, everything we need is right at our fingertips. Opt in pages are excellent, but sending a text is easier than going to a web address, typing in a name and email, and waiting for an email confirmation. Making it easy for people to say “yes!” to your emails is gold.

But if you aren’t a podcast host, the benefits of using services such as Lead Digits for text message marketing are still endless.

I was pumped to release an entire episode of Unstoppable Success Radio about this (it’s episode 62, if you go to check it out) because this is a new tool that is proving to generate some serious ROI.


In this episode, you will learn:

-Why you need to use text message marketing to build your list

-How text message marketing works for more than just podcasting

-Easy ways to implement text message marketing without addingmore work for you

-The tools used at Kelly Roach Coaching to make text message marketing simple


Ready to build your list quickly and consistently? Think of this as passive lead generation… leads that you can then funnel into the know, like, and trust process and who may eventually become a buyer of your product, service, or solution.


If you have questions about setting up text message opt ins, don’t hesitate to reach out to myself and my team — we are happy to support you! Simply email to contact us.


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