How Gratitude Improves Your Health And Grows Your Wealth

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Did you know it is scientifically proven that gratitude not only helps with mindset but your physical health, too? It’s true!


Good health is at the forefront of achieving our goals for a variety of reasons, which you will hear more about in this episode.


Gratitude Month is in full swing here on Unstoppable Success Radio. We are bringing you these episodes every week to help you get recentered and make gratitude your default state of mind so you can reap the multiple benefits of doing so.


Join me in another Gratitude Challenge episode….

(5:47) “My challenge for you today is to focus on snapping back into a default position of gratitude in each and every cross that you bare and in each and every situation that you feel as if you are struggling through.”


(10:16) “Energy is really the center of everything. You know your energy level dictates your results. You can look at two people with the same exact set of tasks. One that gets unbelievable results and you know is happy and is very fulfilled at the the final outcome. The other, does the same activities, going through the same motions so to speak  but with a lower energy level, that literally gets nothing out of it.”


(12:40) “There is something each one of us can do each day to be grateful and to do a better job of cultivating that default state of gratitude — and not only is that going to impact our happiness, it’s gonna impact our health and it’s gonna impact our ability to grow our wealth.”


**One of the many things we did as part of the Gratitude Challenge was set up a no-commitment, no opt-in workshop on achieving your leadership goals. You can check out the replay right on my facebook page:


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