Investing in Your Team

Five Strategies for Investing in Your Team

As Featured on The Kelly Roach Show Podcast “Stacey Tuschl on Investing in Your Team”

In this podcast, I talk with Stacey Tuschl about the five strategies for investing in your team and business!

When talking to Stacey, she said she started outgrowing her business in her parent’s backyard and began giving dance lessons for free!

What started out as something fun, turned into a business with two locations.

She started grossing over a million dollars and has 900 kids dancing at her studio.

Not only does Stacey have a dance business, but a business coaching company where she began investing in her employees and her online and offline business!

Stacey who has a full staff with forty team members and a full administration began making investment strategies into her team.

Are you an entrepreneur who hasn’t took the next step to acquire a team within your business?

I get it, hiring is a big risk. It’s a leap of faith and requires investing in your employees and your offline business.

It’s a mindset and mentality to avoid the risk.

You feel scared and want to see your business doing it for you

But by putting yourself first, you can begin to grow and make investments into your offline business!

What Stacey recommends to small business owners who are feeling held back to take that step backwards and invest in their team are these five strategies!

  1. Hire one person at a time. Even if it’s just one person for five hours a week!
  2. If you’re a new business owner and just getting started and need to raise cash to get your Facebook advertising going, launch a website
  3. Online and offline business works in both directions and there are so many things you can be utilizing such as virtual assistants!
  4. Be aware of the amazing, free and low cost tools out there and what resources you can be using right now!
  5. Get an extra part time job, do what you need to make the right investments!

Start implementing the five strategies for investing in your team today!

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