Have More Gratitude at Home and in Your Business

Have More Gratitude at Home and in Your Business

As featured in the podcast “Help at Home as a Business Growth Strategy”, I discuss you can have more gratitude at home and in your business!

Getting help at home is one of the best business growth strategies you can ever employee

Let me tell you why!

When you get help at home, a few things happen

First, not just financial impact of how quickly you can grow as a result of it, but it also shows appreciation for your spouse!

It relieves any type of strain with you being busy with your business impacts how much or how little you are able to help around the house

Whether its laundry, cleaning, dishes, cooking or shopping, any kind of task that could use help it’s going to fall on someone

And no one wins in that situation

But here’s a situation where everyone wins.

Do this exercise right now!

Think about how much it costs you per hour to get help in any one of those areas: cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, etc.

Take that amount and look at your products and services that you charge in your business, how much you make per hour for the client work that you do?

If I spent one hour, that is the equivalent of thirty-one hours of getting help at home, coaching and managing my team, it would have the same if not more equivalent impact in net income that we could grow.

Because I’m helping my team to perform at a higher level, to get better results and make their next sale

So, get help at home today!

The cycle that business owners live in is “Do I wait until the business can afford it and then hire help or do I hire help and then get the business to grow up to afford it?”

It’s decisions like these that get us to these places

So, look at what’s happening in home in conjunction with what’s happening in your business

They both impact your ability to succeed on both side and receive gratitude

Go out and get that help! Redirect that time into being able to do more profit producing activities. Whether that’s coaching your team, helping them to be successful and impactful, whether that’s your personally doing sales or marketing for your business or taking on an extra client!

I want this to be a key thing that you consider as you round the end of the year and in to designing your strategy for growth for next year!

Have more gratitude at home and in your business today!

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