10x Your Sales Using the Pyramid of Impact

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Have you ever heard of the Pyramid of Impact? It’s a concept that speaks to how you achieve the fastest and easiest success in building your business. Learn to 10x your sales by implementing the Pyramid of Impact in your business. Using a hybrid model for building your business that includes online and offline marketing strategies will help your business stand the test of time in the fast paced and ever-changing market.

Build online and offline strategies of success (from the Pyramid of Impact) in your business to stand the test of time in the market and industry.

I have been doing some research in The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program, a program that teaches entrepreneurs how to launch, monetize, and scale their dream businesses. My team has been interviewing clients on their successes with the program. We found that a majority of the success stemmed from one part of the program: the “grow your income” section – which is all about offline strategies. The Pyramid of Impact is something I have been teaching for a while now, and continues to work even through the change of the industry.


You will learn:

  • How the Pyramid of Impact will 10x your sales
  • What a hybrid model looks like
  • What level of the Pyramid of Impact is always the fastest & easiest way to build your business


If you are interested in The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program and want to launch, monetize, and scale your own dream business, visit www.kellyroachcoaching.com/yes to get involved in the program.


Text RAISEYOURRATES to 44222 to get started with my 4-part training series that teaches you how to go from 0-100K in your business by leveraging offline strategies.


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