Set and Reach Your Goals with Dale Richardson

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Dale Richardson is a John Maxwell Team certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach who loves to learn and laugh. He’s also the host of LiveTheGoals Podcast where he motivates and inspires you to Set and Reach Goals that really matter to you. You can learn and laugh with Dale by visiting LiveTheGoals.com, finding his podcast on iTunes or sending him an email at livethegoals@gmail.com.

Dale keeps this quote in mind, “The mind is fertile ground; it cares not what you plant.”

Dale is passionate about adding value to you by giving you the tools to live an intentional life of purpose and passion. After a huge defining moment in his life, Dale went from asking “how do I buy lunch today?” to “how do I buy a $40,000 franchise?” He opened his mind up to what hardcore goal setting and visualization can do, and is here to share how you can set and, most importantly, reach your goals and aspirations.


You will learn:

  • How to live today focusing on the legacy you want to build and what impact it’s going to have on every aspect of life
  • Some tips, strategies, and mindset shifts to break out of disappointment, frustration, and struggle when facing a major life crisis
  • 2-3 key attributes of achievers (what you can do to set yourself up for success!)


Sometimes the things in life that seem like the biggest burden can turn out to be your biggest strength and empowerment.


Connect with Dale:


Visit www.livethegoals.com/freeclass to enroll in a free mastermind class with group accountability and more about leadership.




LivetheGoals Podcast


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