Finding Courage to Follow Your Course with Jodie Vanderman Driver

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After starting and growing her own successful cosmetics company, Jodie Vanderman Driver traveled the world leading the charge as an internal marketing strategist of a multibillion dollar entity of DuPont, one of the most well-respected and sought after companies in the world.


Jodie now brings her talents to West Chester University as a sales and marketing professor where she teaches, serves on various boards, and provides consulting and pro bono work for the community. Jodie is an all-around amazing leadership figure and role model for women in the industry and is here to share her experience working at DuPont and choosing to focus on fulfillment over corporate success.


There is a difference between success and fulfillment – which of those will make you happiest? Plenty of others have found plenty of ways to find something that crosses off both. There are different seasons for different parts of your career, and each season has a reason!

There are times in life where you make career move a priority and times when you let opportunities go to let personal life grow.



You will learn:

  • What building a world class brand is all about
  • The makings of a strategic successful brand and organization
  • Core lessons for being a successful sales and marketing associate
  • Tips for having the courage to be you & follow your path (in your business and life)


Connect with Jodie:

Via LinkedIn: Jodie Vanderman Driver


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