You are Worthy – Do you Feel Like It?

Let me tell you one thing that I’ve learned from working with countless entrepreneurs and small business owners: this group of go-getters are some of the most creative and brilliant people on this planet. So why do so many struggle with feeling worthy?worthy

So many people WANT to achieve a higher level of success, but there’s this little voice inside that knocks them down. Or, there are negative people that don’t readily give their affirmation. Everyone wants that overwhelming “YES!” from others before they move forward in their pursuit of their dreams.

I’m here to tell you: You. Are. Worthy.

I released Episode 56 of Unstoppable Success Radio as a reminder that fear and self-doubt are part of the entrepreneurial journey… but the entrepreneurial journey will go on and you will thrive as long as you can kick the negativity to the curb.

The judgement you face from others is empty. Those who are the quickest to point their fingers are those on the couch not following their own dreams. They’ve settled, and they want you to do the same.


A few tips to help regularly remind yourself that you are worthy of all of life’s gifts:

  • Surround yourself with those of a similar mindset – join a mastermind, stay close with supportive family members and friends, and eliminate the toxic influences in your life.
  • Remind yourself that you are the owner of a solution that many people are looking for – your god-given talents will help you to change lives just by being you.
  • Everyone is striving for perfection – a rocky road is not a sign from the universe telling you that you can’t succeed. Most of today’s top earners will admit they also flubbed along the way (I’ve done it, too — it’s okay!)


And in the rest of episode 56, I am outlining how you can create a roadmap to success and personal fulfillment. And in true Kelly Roach fashion, I want you to understand that when you feel worthy of success, you are able to understand the worthiness of your product of service.

And if you believe in the worthiness of your product or service, you can raise your prices. Feeling worthy is a positive feeling that will translate to your prospects — if you know your value, your prospects will begin to see that, too.

I’ll say it again: You ARE worthy. And your products or services are, too.

Is it time to take a self-check on your mindset? I challenge you to push the envelope because you can. You can increase your prices. You are worthy of all of the success that you will create for yourself when you get your head back in the game.

Get to it — and listen to the full episode here.





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