USR 190: Investing In You – The Only Guaranteed ROI In Today’s Economy

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Changes in the market and the economy has impacted our ability to get a return on investment. Tools and tactics to build wealth from the past, such as putting money into savings accounts and investing in real estate and stocks, are shaky and uncertain. It is up to YOU to achieve YOUR business goals, reach the income YOU desire, and create the life that YOU want.


EP190In this episode, we are diving into:

  • How to gain the realization that the masterpiece that you want to create, your dream, or your life vision can only be accomplished through making the necessary investments in yourself and your success.  
  • There are ways we can invest in ourselves: exercise, fueling our bodies with good food, meditation, developing a mindset and way of thinking that is filled with gratitude, working with a coach or mentor, and building a winning team around us.
  • How to break down the barriers and limits that have been standing in front of you and your success.
  • Learn shortcuts and find a guide from those who have been where you are in what you do and cross over the seas versus swimming with the sharks.



It is time to join the group of successful entrepreneurs that are in the realm you are striving to be in. Say yes to your future and your success by stepping up and believing in yourself. Realize that you are capable and worthy of achieving and attaining your ultimate destination.

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