Transform Your Money Mindset

Woman-Money-ThoughtsLast week I shared some key questions you can ask yourself to do a quick check on your money mindset. I got lots of questions about what to do next…

So if you think you are due for a reset, here are a few ways to get started.

1. Get proactive! Pay your bills the second they come in. Pay off your credit card or make a bigger payment to shorten the life of one of your loans. Choose to take steps today that strengthen your financial position tomorrow. By being proactive you are taking control of your financial destiny and will feel empowered to make other good financial choices.

2. Make the right decision even if it stretches you. Invest in yourself or your business. Instead of continuing to struggle on your own, step up and step out of your comfort zone to change things for the better. Trust that you are making an investment in the one person that should never, ever let you down…YOU!

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3. Meditate to release old feelings or experiences around money that don’t serve you anymore. Stop letting the past run you. Clear a path for prosperity in your future. Let go any feelings you have towards those that owe you money, or that you feel took advantage of you. Open yourself up to a new level of abundance and prosperity that will only present itself when your beliefs are in line with what you say you want and deserve.

4. Build your emergency fund. Stuff happens. Nothing you can do about it. But when you can easily handle a crisis without batting an eye, because you have an emergency fund it’s a whole new ball game. Get in the driver’s seat and claim your power by being prepared and able to handle whatever comes your way.

If you implement any of these money mindset hacks, you’ll see more growth
and keep more money in your pocket at the end of the day!

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