Create a Social Media Boom in Your Business

FreedomSocial media remains as one of the easiest, fastest ways for small businesses to get their message out and gain visibility with their audience.

Yes, the social media channels are being bombarded with marketers, products and promotions by the thousands, but with targeting and promoting it really doesn’t matter. If you are clear, specific and strategic in your approach you will connect with the people that are right for you.

The pitfalls with Social media as a tool for building your business are the same as any other strategy. It should not be your only source for new business AND what you put in to it is what you get out of it. Yes, you most likely will need to have some skin in the game in the form of advertising dollars, but if done correctly you should see a direct return in dollars each and every month.

Here are a few key strategies that have helped me consistently generate new clients from social media every month since I launched my business:

1. Be consistent: post every day, multiple times per day. Data available shows you when your audience is online.

2. Pull your connections off social media and onto a list you own: Make sure you take all those great connections you make on social media and offer them a great incentive to opt in to your list on your CRM. Continue to nurture and grow those relationships so that you can ultimately convert them into paying customers.

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3. Focus first on adding value: Put yourself in your ideal prospects shoes. Post tips, quotes and information that they will value and be able to put to use. Promoting works best when your audience already feels connected to you and has seen demonstrated examples of how you can help them.

4. Promote your posts: If you want to consistently convert social media fans into paying customers they need to see you and your content consistently. With constant changes to the algorithms you have to take proactive steps to ensure you are seen and heard. Depending upon how much time you have to invest you can either focus on driving organic traffic and or paid traffic or a combination of both.

Social media is a great way to grow a lucrative stream of income
for your business-with no start-up costs!

What steps can you take today to start turning fans into paying clients and customers? Tweet me @kellyroachint using #socialmediaboom and let me know what you plan to implement!

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