Top Productivity Tools for Busy People

I LOVE to talk about and coach people to help them use productivity tools that will build time into their day without adding more hours.

Unstoppable Success Radio has talked a lot about ADOD – automation, delegation, outsourcing, and deleting.

Episode 53 is a little different – with the strategies to help you build more freedom into your future by simply taking advantage of the 5, 10, 15 minute time bubbles you have in between your daily tasks.

“Productivity tools” is something many online coaches claim to offer… but the empty and unrealistic “spend an hour in the middle of your day doing this and nothing else” are ineffective and frankly, don’t work for most of today’s entrepreneurs.

Episode 51

In episode 53, you will learn:

– How to operate during your own peak hours – when there are no distractions and you have a chance to get that day’s most important task DONE

– Why you need to group like things together, whether this is doing all of your errands in one shot or paying all of your bills. If you can’t handle what’s on your plate, you waste more time trying to organize than trying to accomplish something.

– The most efficient ways to work within your genius zone… if you don’t know how to do something, stop wasting your time and start finding people who can. You’ll save time and sanity!

The biggest excuse I hear from entrepreneurs is, “I don’t have time!”

The reality is… you do have time!

Using my productivity tools will maximize your working hours and will let you see almost instant progress each day.

Not only am I explaining my top 3 hacks in the episode‘s audio, but I’m giving away my own personal cheat sheet!

If you’re ready to get your own copy of my personal productivity hacks, simply text FASTSTART to 44222.

What most of those free and fancy “productivity tools” lack is the ability to carry them with you everywhere… a bulky planner will never fit in your wallet!

Simply print the cheat sheet and stick in your purse, wallet, on your mirror, anywhere you need to that will give you a daily reminder of how much time you actually do have in a day.

Test FASTSTART to 44222 to get your copy!