Start Taking Personal Responsibility with Lucas Miles

When something goes wrong, who do you point to first? Your schedule? Spouse? Coworkers?

Or do you point to yourself when you need to?

We do not always need to blame ourselves when things get tough… but we do need to understand when taking personal responsibility for our lives and are businesses is the right path to take.

Lucas Miles is a producer, speaker, talent coach, pastor, and author of “Good God: The One we Want to Believe in but are Afraid to Embrace.”

Growing up, Lucas always had a creative streak which has led him to incredible success, from managing an American Idol contestant, to writing his book, and to being in development for several television pilots.

Lucas also started his own business – and has been through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. On this episode, Lucas is talking about our inclination to avoid personal responsibility, how to bring it back, and how to use it to create success.

For him, personal responsibility is key – understanding how to look within to find solutions instead of scapegoating anything else. Taking personal responsibility allows us to stop beating around the bush and identify the problem quicker, and to find solutions more effectively.

Episode 52

Lucas is my guest in episode 51 of Unstoppable Success Radio. In this episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of taking personal responsibility and escape the blame game when things go wrong
  • Why we’ve got to combine our long-term vision with the short-term steps to create reachable and sustainable success
  • Lucas’ perspective on growing your dream team and being open to adjustments along the way to avoid being a “wannapreneur”

Escaping the cycle of blame when things go wrong isn’t the only benefit to recognizing when to take personal responsibility.

It helps us to stop getting hung up when things don’t matter and allows us to focus on the important tasks each day.

Check out the episode here!


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