Success Stories

See what’s Kelly’s clients have to say about working with her in their own words:

“I increased my price by 166% and got my team to sell at this price point with ease!”

This program is second to none because of Kellys experience with and knowledge base in hiring and training a team. I have grown so much as a sales leader and am no longer relying on pressuring myself to sell I now have a whole team that is focused on sales and they all contribute to the bottom line of our company. Entrepreneurs need this so that they can create true freedom rather than a business that is only relies on them.

-Mariana Ruiz – Owner, The Impact Driven Entrepreneur


“I’ve made a minimum of $10k per launch using Kelly’s challenge strategy.”

– Lindsey Anderson, One Click Lindsey



“$23,000 in 3 days using the launch formula Kelly taught me.”

-Tanya Conner-Green, Wholehearted Business Coaching



“Kelly has supported my business partner and I to double our income over the past 6 months.”

Kelly helped us focus on cultivating deeper relationships with our current clients and providing exceptional service.  We have clear direction on where our business is heading and thanks to Kelly, what we’re building is sustainable, scalable and will allow us the freedom and flexibility we crave.  Kelly keeps us focused on consistent action towards our commitment rather than allowing us to be thrown off course by the next “shiny new object”. Kelly has a way of challenging our automatic ways of operating in service of generating big results.  Kelly has also bolstered our confidence which has us showing up more powerfully and ready to boldly ask for business where we haven’t before.

-Emily Golden and Joanna Kleinman, Dethroning Your Inner Critic


“In just a few short months of coaching with Kelly, I have launched my first group and published my first book in October.”

The impact of working with Kelly (and her great team) was almost instant. I started just a few months ago and have already launched one group program. But much bigger than that is the fact that by working with Kelly, I am taking a book that I have had in my head for years and it will be published this October. This will set me up for a strong finish to 2018 and with her guidance, will allow me to triple my business in 2019. Her coaching is elevating my brand and my income!

-Patricia Romboletti, Career Coach & LinkedIn Expert


“3 new clients in 1 month!”

Working with Kelly has allowed me to set plans in place with my business that will allow for growth. The very first thing she had me do when we started working together was raise my price by 38% for what I was charging my clients. Although it was nerve wracking to do that, I ended up signing on three new clients at my new price within a month! She’s also helped me to plan new services I’ll be offering to create new revenue streams. I’m excited to see how much I continue to grow with Kelly!

– Ashley Mason, Social Media Consultant – Dash Of Social


“What would have taken me 3 years to learn on my own, the Unstoppable Entrepreneur taught me in two months”

PrincessBall-5344Being a part of this program has helped me build the confidence to change my pricing and thus bring in what my business and efforts are truly worth. This has created freedom in my business and my life while offering an even better service to my clients than I could ever offer before!

For the first time in three years, I feel like all my efforts in building a business from the ground up will not be in vain. Ever since joining the Unstoppable Entrepreneur, I truly feel like I have hope to succeed. This program is worth every penny!

-Katie Sartino, Owner and Founder – Once Upon a Dream Performances


“I have already tripled my sales!”

deirdreDuring my first few months in the Unstoppable Entrepreneur program I have already tripled my sales. I am even on track now to double my sales this month compared to last month. This time last year I made goals that I did not think I would achieve and now I am making big leaps in my niche area. I have gone from not sure if my business would last to finally feeling like it is possible to conquer my goals!

-Deirdre Eberhart, LCSW


“The Profitable Podcast Course with Kelly gave me THE ROADMAP to design, launch and profit from my own Podcast in just over 30 days.”

Lara Ledsham-10When I started the Profitable Podcast Course, I was a complete beginner in the podcast world. This program was definitely suitable for me, but due to the 1-2-1 element and the information and support provided was so bespoke, this program is suitable even for those with experience. joining this program can help podcasters make more of an impact. I absolutely loved the 1-2-1 access to both Kelly and her amazing team! With her guidance and support, I did not have to waste time going through irrelevant information. Being able to bounce ideas off of her and the team was fabulous and her full understanding of what I was trying to achieve (even more than I understood at times) made it possible for her to give me the exact time I needed it. Kelly has a mega successful podcast of her own, which is a great starting point, but she also had the ability to hone in very very quickly on what the client wants and needs. She is also fantastic at compassionately calling you out when you are trying to play small. I would highly recommend this to anybody even considering starting a podcast, and I bet they would get the podcasting bug in a minute. It is hard not to be energized and motivated with the support of Kelly and her team.

Lara Ledsham Love & Empowerment Coach



“We have already doubled our sales this year, and on pace to double again by the end of the year”

angelatranSince starting the program with Kelly, I finally feel like I am running a business and not just playing the gave of living month-to-month paying bills. My decisions are now intentional and Kelly keeps me laser-focused and provides that external force to push me out of my comfort zone. I am definitely making bigger decisions since she came around, and believe in the possibility of expanding my business vs. before where I was just hoping to stay afloat. We have already doubled our sales this year, and on pace to double again by the end of the year! Woohoo!

Dr. Angela Tran, D.O. Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss


“0 to $26,000.00 in 4 weeks”

“I hired Kelly to get my Sales Team productive. We are an InternatiSalimonal Spice Company with clientele that have high standards and require both customization and sophistication in the sales and service delivery process. In just four weeks Kelly was able to take my new sales representative, who was not producing any revenue, from 0 to $26,000.00 in sales. She now continues to grow, develop and excel with Kelly’s direction. If you are a Business Owner, Executive or Entrepreneur that needs to drive revenue and sales growth, get started coaching with Kelly to make an immediate impact on your bottom line.”

Salim Mavany, Owner, Majestic International Spice


“I learned how to make profitable decisions!”kimransom

Working with Kelly has transformed me into the CEO of my own company. I feel more in control. I’m able to create meaningful opportunities for myself and for others and I’ve learned to make profitable decisions. With Kelly’s tools and support I truly am UNSTOPPABLE!

Kim Ransom, Owner – Pittsburgh Gymnastics Club, LLC.


“Kelly’s Business Acceleration Bootcamp has more than paid for itself.”

“I completed Kelly’s intensive business training and coaching program and she receives my highest recommendation. This is a must-attend for any business owner Lindsey Andersonserious about growing their business. I have successfully raised my rates by 20%! I am now focusing solely on the clients who are willing to pay for my expertise and it’s paying off. She motivated me to track results and tackle marketing in a productive way. The class has more than paid for itself. Kelly delves into the nitty-gritty and guided me in making the fundamental changes that my business needed. I would highly recommend Kelly’s training no matter how large or small your business is.”

Lindsey Anderson, Owner, Web Impakt: Idado Falls Web Design & Development


“New Client Growth is through the Roof!”

Joel Gilhang“Developing a strategic partnership with Kelly as my business coach was and still is one of the smartest investments I have made in my business. This year alone we will double our revenue and triple new client growth in my financial services firm. We have also implemented a variety of processes and systems to allow my business to grow and prosper for years to come! If you are looking to take your business and income to the next level Kelly is the perfect partner to help you make it happen!”

Joel B. Gilhang, President & Director of Financial Planning & Investments, Gilhang Financial Group, LLC


“We are growing at an 18% run rate year over year and on pace to do 15 million in sales in 2014!”

Mike davenport testimonialKelly helped us to focus on specific actions we could take to immediately boost sales. With Kelly’s help we were able to increase prices earlier this year and develop a tiered customer pricing strategy for 2015 to price our customers more appropriately for the value we offer. Kelly helped us identify the changes we needed to make in order to ensure the long-term scalability of our company. During our private sessions, we have been focusing on objectives such as CRM Development and Sales Management. These objectives will take longer to implement, but we believe will yield massive results in the next five years. The anticipation of our next coaching call created the accountability we needed to take imperfect action right away. With Kelly’s help, my time is more focused on the tasks that are most likely to yield the best results; she has such an encouraging approach and motivating personality. It is difficult not to catch her excitement.

Mike Davenport, Vice President of Operations, Park Supply of America


“It took me 12 years to find a coach like Kelly and in 1 conversation she saved me 30,000 pounds.”

Alex Headshot No Background

Kelly is very easy to work with and has an excellent way of looking at the bigger picture. For business owners seeking rapid growth, it’s easy to get lost in the detail but Kelly always ensures that I stay focused on the top activities that will take me from where I am to where I need to be. Combining excellent coaching with many  value-adding business ideas, Kelly is definitely the first person I would recommend working with for rapid and outstanding results.”

Alex Buick, Founder — HustleHub


“I put the system in place that Kelly taught me and in the last 3 months I’ve gotten more clients per month than ever before in the 8 years of running my business”

Kelly’s Unstoppable Entrepreneur program provides a start to finish SYSTEM that teaches you how to build, grow, and scale your business. I love that Kelly is constantly upgrading, adding new trainings, resources and support mechanisms. She is focused on serving and providing what we need, when we need rubinacohenit, and not the other way around. Kelly is a business owner, wife and Mom, so she understands the unique challenges and complex daily responsibilities we are all managing-she is real. I wasn’t great at sales, at least that was my original mindset . . . but once I put the system in place that Kelly taught me,  in the last 3 months I’ve gotten more clients per month than I have ever before. Also, while working with Kelly I reduced my work week from 50+ hours to 20 hours while achieving rapid growth. Now my business is run by systems and I understand how to leverage my TEAM, and that it’s not all on me! That’s the power of working with the right coach!

Rubina Cohen, Marketing Strategist and Owner of Firefly Strategies


“Without Kelly’s coaching and direction, my business would have closed its doors last summer.”

Jack SaiaWebWhen I started working with Kelly as a private client about a year and a half ago, my business was undergoing a lot of changes that were having a significant negative impact. Kelly kept me focused and driven. Although I am an expert in my profession, this doesn’t necessarily make me a good businessman. Without Kelly’s coaching and direction, my business would have closed its doors last summer. Kelly is the reason we are still in business. Not only am I still in business, but I am projecting our 2015 sales to double from last year. In addition, Kelly is guiding me through the process of establishing a greater virtual presence that will generate additional income with very little hands on work. Kelly has given me a wealth of useful information about business growth, employee management and leadership, marketing and sales.

Jack Saia, DC, Owner, Inner Health & Wellness and Simply Chiropractic


“Kelly Roach is the Results Coach for Entrepreneurs that are serious about building a true Freedom Based Business!”

Chris Trammel“The content Kelly delivers is extraordinary. Kelly’s program provided me with the business foundation necessary to achieve consistent long term success and financial freedom. I have had success in the past, but something was missing. I lacked the business acumen and much of the crucial alignment that Kelly coaches her clients on. I learned that I needed to have the maturity to hear the advice I was being given. I learned to listen to what was being said above the noise of my internal voice shouting “Yes, but. . .” and start implementing it with new ears and energy. Kelly’s coaching has lead me to take new action I hadn’t considered before and I have been rewarded with new results. My new found confidence and clarity is attracting the right partnerships. I can wholeheartedly say that this is a direct result and function of hiring Kelly as my business coach. I am so genuinely excited. I am on the verge of winning big!”

Chris Trammel, Owner and CEO, Elders and Sisters


“I learned that selling more can be as simple as listening, adjusting and delivering!'”

Chanelle Watson“My experience working with Kelly was nothing short of amazing. She truly is phenomenal at what she does and is a genuinely amazing woman. I would and will continue to recommend her to anyone I know who is in need of a push in the right direction regarding their business. Kelly helped me realize that I was not putting the amount of time I needed to in order to grow my business. She taught me the importance of listening to the needs of my clients as opposed to simply trying to sell them my product. The information I received and the passion Kelly has for my business and dreams made this program a great investment.”

Chanelle Watson, Owner and Chef, Chanelle’s Heavenly Treasures


“We were able to quadruple our customer base, grow our team and earn our FREE company paid Lexus.”

photo 1 (1)“Kelly’s ideas are brilliant. She helps you put your dreams into action. As a husband and wife team, Kelly immediately identified our individual strengths and helped us develop them to grow our business to its full potential. We were able to quadruple our customer base, grow our team and earn our FREE company paid Lexus. Kelly is a very down to earth individual. She truly cares about us and helping us grow our business. We highly recommend Kelly to anyone looking to change, grow and expand their business.”

Alissa and Nick Gass, Independent Brand Partners, Nerium International


“If you are thinking about starting a business, work with Kelly before you take your first step!”

Stephanie Jones“Kelly helped me eliminate the time wasters and zero in on profit generating pursuits in my business right away! Her suggestions are already making my life easier as a small business owner. I loved working with Kelly and would recommend her to anyone looking to start a business or grow an existing one. The only regret I have is I wish I had worked with her sooner. If you are thinking about starting a business, work with her before you take your first step. The information Kelly provided to me during our Virtual VIP day was invaluable and will save me countless hours in my business.”

Stephanie L. Jones, CEO, Giving Gal, LLC


“I look forward to telling people, ‘I knew Kelly Roach before she was selling out stadiums!'”

“The biggest thing I learned from Kelly during my VIP Day was to take action, even if it is imperfect action. It is not surprising that Kelly made it to the top of the corporate ladder so quickly, and then started her own business and created mmeredith zunoassive success. In a few short hours we designed my lead generation system, defined my sales pipeline, and strategized around a multitude of efficient, fast acting marketing strategies to grow my business and achieve my income goals. I am now equipped with the knowledge, how to’s and road map to go to market and win! Kelly made me feel just as important as her multi-million dollar earning clients. The personalized attention Kelly delivers is unparalleled, you will never feel like a number no matter what stage your business is in.”

Meredith Zuno, Arbonne Independent Consultant, ID#19556737


“From Concept to Company in just a few months!”

Karina“Coaching with Kelly helped me transform my ideas and passion into a profitable business in just a few months. As a leader in a public government organization, it was quite a leap into my entrepreneurial journey with a total start up. Kelly helped me focus and implement the core components necessary to get into action and get going and growing. I saved thousands of dollars and skipped over years of hardship in designing and launching my business with the guidance of a seasoned pro. Coaching with Kelly is an investment you are sure to get a return on for years to come!”

Karina De La Cruz, MOL, Founder of Siembra Life


dmdesignslogo“Kelly is not just my coach, I consider her a member of my team”

“Through one-on-one coaching with Kelly I was able to double my rates, streamline my business and drive a multitude of efficiencies to reduce my working hours! Coaching with Kelly is an investment that will pay off for years to come! She is a great addition to my business. Kelly is not just my coach, I consider her a member of my team. 2014 is going to be a great year!”

Dan Murphy, Owner & Artist, DM Designs, LLC


“Kelly helped me get clear, troubleshoot and make critical life decisions.”

Jake Reese Family“Coaching with Kelly allowed me to remove the fog around important decisions I needed to make and get clear on next steps. I am now moving forward in my goals for my business and life. I am clear on the strategies needed to secure the financial resources necessary to fulfill the vision and mission I am called to pursue in my life (and have a plan to make it happen). Having someone of Kelly’s caliber and knowledge base as a sounding board proved to be truly transformational.”

Jake Reese, Entrepreneur and Church Planner, The Ridge Community


“I can now create unlimited income!”

darlene das headshot“I came to Kelly in the process of starting a brand new business, which can be overwhelming to say the least. Kelly helped me define and refine my target market, put strategies in place for lead generation and identify my priorities to make the most money in the least amount of time. Kelly is the real deal. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she stretches you out of your comfort zone to become the person you can be!”

Darlene Das, Etiquette Consultant, Today’s Etiquette


Karen Kieffer“Kelly helped me create and execute a no-fail plan to achieve a 20% growth in my business in record time!”

“As a business executive working full time and building my own company, partnering with Kelly gave me the focus, strategy and encouragement to expand into a new market, onboard a new employee and streamline our company growth strategy all while continuing to excel in my full time position!”

Karen Kieffer, Owner, Pfitzer Pest Control


“One coaching call made a significant impact almost immediately”

Toy Parker“I have spent the past seven years helping other businesses grow and make millions. This year I decided to love my dreams enough to receive the abundance I have so willingly helped others achieve. I was amazed by how sincerely Kelly supported my goal to transition from my career as a corporate executive to full time entrepreneurship. I was struggling to figure out how to focus my time and energy, and Kelly immediately zeroed in on my passions and reaffirmed my skill set. She suggested minor tweaks to my website that turned out to make a major difference. Kelly helped me set my price points, and she gave me valuable advice on how to move forward in exceeding my financial goals for 2014. With her key tips on how to realign my infrastructure, I was able to market myself more effectively and I am now being sought after for speaking engagements. I would, without hesitation, recommend Kelly Roach International to anyone who is serious about growing their business with rapid results.”

Toy Parker, Speaker, Creative Content, Marketing and Media Strategist, Founder of Live Wire Productions Plus


“I recommend Kelly Roach Coaching to anyone serious about finding more time, freedom and happiness in their personal and business life.”

April Fox Head shotWorking with Kelly has changed my life and I anticipate many more amazing changes to come. I first began working with Kelly about two years ago. She encouraged me to dig deep within myself and as a result, I made some huge lifestyle changes. I am so thankful she saw more in me. These changes did not happen overnight, and Kelly stayed right there with me helping me learn valuable skills in the process. Not only did Kelly help me grow my business, she demanded I nourish my personal life. I can honestly say that I am a much happier person as a result of focusing on and applying her principles. She knows what you need before you do. I have been amazed time and again when I have been working on a homework assignment for coaching and think of something I need and Kelly has already sent me an audio training for it. Talk about a WOW factor! I recommend Kelly Roach Coaching to anyone serious about finding more time, freedom and happiness in their personal and business life.

April Fox, RN, Owner, Fox Legal Nurse Consulting

“I doubled my business!”kim-hughes

Because of the Unstoppable Kelly Roach, I have doubled and will triple my business by the end of 2016!

Kim Hughes


Colleen Aiken“Working with Kelly gives you Courage”

“Kelly offers a genuine energy that inspires you to think differently and have the courage to improve yourself. If you are looking for guidance on setting goals and putting them into action, Kelly will offer achievable solutions!”

Colleen Crowley, Senior Manager in Public Accounting, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP


“Unforgettable Content and Actionable Growth Strategies”

Angela Megasko“Kelly Roach is not only a powerhouse Business Growth Strategist, she is a phenomenal Speaker and Coach. Sure to engage and inspire your audience, Kelly brings experience and a proven track record to the presentations she delivers. Whether you are asking her to speak to a group of 5 or 5,000, Kelly delivers unforgettable content and actionable growth strategies in a simple, yet powerful way. I highly recommend Kelly the next time you need a speaker to truly WOW your audience.”

Angela V. Megasko, President & CEO Market Viewpoint LLC


“Coaching with Kelly has dramatically improved my Quality of Life!”

Kim Phelan“Working with Kelly gave me the strategies and tools to stop working 14 hour days and weekends! By learning key productivity, leadership and delegation strategies I am now able to focus on raising funds and creating educational programs to take my organization to the next level. I highly recommend coaching with Kelly for high achieving individuals that need balance, structure and guidance to get to the next level, in every area of life. Once you make the decision to work with Kelly, you will wonder- why didn’t I do this 5, 10 or 20 years ago? I am so glad I did!”

Kim Phelan, Vice President, Coalition for Hemophilia B


“Without this class I would still be working 60+ hours a week and every single weekend.”

“Kelly helped us increase our income by refocusing our sales representatives’ time and attention to our biggest customers, who were being neglected, and allow our smaller customers to be served by internal support. This has already effectively increased the sales volume we are receiving from our biggest accounts. With Kelly’s support we have effectively implemented a company wide price increase and another increase of 2-3% is due to take effect Untitledin January. Kelly helped us identify actionable goals we could implement immediately and eliminate busy work that was getting in the way of our business growth. The best thing I’ve done since starting the Business Acceleration Bootcamp is learning how to delegate so that I can enjoy my time after the work day and on the weekends. I always needed to be in the loop and have control, but I found the right people and have given away some of my reins. Without this class I would still be working 60+ hours a week and every weekend. I’m down to 40-50 hours a week and haven’t worked a weekend since the second week of class. Kelly has provided additional services that we were not expecting and has helped more than anticipated. I have and will continue to recommend her to friends and colleagues.”

Andy Baso, Vice President of Sales, Park Supply America


“I grew my email list by 50%-quickly”

The most important thing I learned from working with

Kelly is the importance of imperfect action. Working with Kelly gave me the Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.15.23 PM
skills, knowledge and confidence to FINALLY launch my own Mastermind program and it has now already surpassed 20 members. Kelly gives you the support, direction and key resources to grow your business and achieve your goals.

Courtney Powell, Founder/CEO, the Breakthrough to Thrive Group Coaching Program


“Working with Kelly has been an absolute blessing”

Since I started with her, many of my peers have noticed a monster change in my confidence, capabilities, Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 2.25.24 PMand overall performance. That showed up with my March 2016 cycle, I had a $50,000 week which capped off a $79,000 month. Kelly brings her A game every time with her passion for success, knowledge of what it takes to be successful, and her ability to cut through the fluff and get to the heart of any difficulties which are holding back her clients.

Shannon Townsend, Independent Crop Fertility Owner at the Conklin Company


“I easily made hundreds of changes that allowed us to have a revenue increase of 20%”

david rossI worked with Kelly for about 18 months and during that time, I was able to gain clarity on what my vision is and what I am trying to accomplish. During my time with Kelly, I easily made hundreds of changes that allowed us to have a revenue increase of 20%. If you want to work with Kelly, be prepared to get you a** kicked. It is all about accountability, and that is what she does for you. She gives you a roadmap for accountability. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a wannabe entrepreneur, working with Kelly Roach Coaching will help you meet and exceed all of you wildest dreams.

David A. Ross, MBA Owner, Ross Financial Planning


“Private Coaching with Kelly was absolutely worth it for the education I received”

Working privately with Kelly has been very helpful. She takes a personal approach to her clients and is good at tailoring specific steps to your industry. During my time in Private Coaching, Kelly gifted me access to the Unstoppable Entrepreneur. This was absolutely worth it for the education and push that is needed to get out there and do what needs to be done. More than anything, Kelly helped me get started by working on my mind-shift to get the right thinking in place to succeed and remove my fear of the unknown.

-Teresa Skinner