Legacy Leaders: the premier CEO coaching & mastermind group for multi-million dollar business owners.

Elite. Immersive. Uncontested.


The premier CEO coaching & mastermind group for multi-million dollar business owners.

Elite. Immersive. Uncontested.

Get ready to transition from overworked, underpaid employee in your own company to the hands-off leader and visionary CEO you are meant to become.

You hustled your way to a mountain top very few entrepreneurs climb – only to realize you’ve become the bottleneck to your own growth.

You are still the primary person taking sales calls, creating content, and servicing clients.

Your calendar is jam-packed with tasks that can easily be delegated to someone who can do it better and faster – but you’re still hanging on to them.

You can’t take extended time off or fully unplug without constantly checking in, monitoring emails, or taking calls because you don’t have the people (or trust in your people) to step back confidently.

You know the missing link between you and unstoppable, sustainable growth are the systems, infrastructure and people required to drive profits…

…and while you have subject matter expertise, leadership and employee management are a foreign concept to you.

You need a team of experts who have built the rocket ship you are looking to build and can help accelerate your path to $10M and beyond.

From super-employee to
visionary leader…

We help maxed out founders transform their businesses into self-led, scalable, and sellable companies – so they can exit for a premium and build generational wealth in the process.

The Legacy Leaders Experience:

Weekly high-level group coaching with our board of strategists

A community of peers fostering masterminding with other $1M+ CEOs

3 cultivated in-person retreats, combining coaching, implementation, and masterminding

Full digital library of on-demand resources and templates on sales, marketing, service delivery and more

1:1 bi-monthly consulting with a master strategist

A focused curriculum around lean management, operational excellence, profitable and productive team, financial literacy and more.

Meet your board of strategists:

Kelly Roach,

CEO and Founder

Kelly is a multiple 8-figure entrepreneur, Inc 500 recognized business owner, consultant, and mentor to leaders and visionaries who are building legacies and disrupting their industries. She founded Kelly Roach International while working full-time in Fortune 500 as the youngest senior vice president at her firm, where she was promoted 7 times in 8 years, was responsible for leading teams of over 100 to record-breaking sales, and leading through the economic downturn of 2008 (without a single layoff). She built her business to 7-figures before quitting her corporate job, and now mentors CEOs and professionals around the globe to achieve freedom, financial abundance, and fulfillment in all areas of life.

She is a 4X bestselling author, top rated podcast host of The Kelly Roach Show (with over 2 million downloads), founder of Kelly Roach International, The Business Advisory, Conviction Marketing Agency , The Advance Innovation Society, and Co-Founder of The Courageous Brand. She also founded the Human Family Foundation nonprofit, where she is committed to ongoing philanthropic work (partnering with Charity:Water, SoGal, Black Girls Code, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and more). She has been featured in some of the world’s leading publications, including Forbes, Inc, and Business Insider.

Krystel Borg,


As an entrepreneurial-minded professional, Krystel is an expert at unlocking company sales potential by carefully crafting powerful strategies and building teams of high performers. Throughout her career, Krystel has both owned and managed businesses with revenues ranging from start-up phase (inception) to 7 & 8 figures and, had two successful business exits. Krystel has grown startups to over $1.5M in revenue within 12 months of inception (doubling that in year 2), raised over $1.5M in capital for start-ups, turned a company’s financial performance from negative $500K profitability to over $1.8M profitability in one year, and grew sales from $4M to $18M within 5 years, positioning the company as THE leading authority in their industry.

Deepak Sharma,

VP of Coaching and Operations

Deepak is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt results-driven operations professional, with an impeccable performance record leading businesses to explosive growth, optimizing people, processes, and systems for quality and profitability. Deepak has worked at both small and large businesses, flipping a mid-size business by reducing overall costs by 15% while also improving service and delivery, which ultimately drove that business from losing $500,000 a year to $1.8 million in profits.

Katy Hoagland,

Business Strategist and Sales Excellence Coach

Katy built her career in consultative sales, where she discovered a passion for helping entrepreneurs start and grow 7-figure businesses. During her first year in the high-ticket coaching space, she generated $1M in revenue for a start up, built and led a sales team in year 2, and hit $10M in sales in year 3. In 2019, she began coaching and consulting high-ticket entrepreneurs and in 2021, joined our team to do this on an even larger scale. Her expertise is coaching service-providers to fine-tune their processes, build people-centered
company culture, and work smarter to scale efficiently and
effectively. An eternal optimist and natural leader, Katy’s passion is watching people mold their businesses in a way that supports the life they’ve dreamed of, break through the barriers and typical “norms” and find peace and joy as they build their legacy.

Khaïry Varre,

Director of Business Solutions

Khaïry spent 10+ years helping organizations and high performing teams deliver mega-projects ranging from $50M to $6B in scope. In 2018, she started her business helping entrepreneurs achieve their business goals in record time, equipping small and mid-size organizations with the knowledge and tools that large corporations use to conquer markets. She built her consulting business to 6-figures within a few short months before folding it (and her MBA lecturer gig) to join our team as a strategist for 7+ figure entrepreneurs. She’s helped businesses start and scale to 6-figures in one year or less, scale from 6-7 figures in one year, and helped 7-figure businesses triple their yearly revenue in one year, creating 60 million dollar businesses – all with very healthy profit margins.

Dr. Ty Richardson,

VP of Consulting and Business Solutions

After a 14-year career in a fortune 100, over a decade of experience as a serial entrepreneur in tech, marketing, events, finance and coaching, and an academic doctoral career in global business, Ty has amassed a wealth of experience in customer experience design, client-focused retention strategies and employee development. Ty’s ability to help businesses plan their customer engagement through retention and renewals, balance employee development and support event experiences gives him a level of expertise to support any business scale in any environment. Ty also excels in the art of networking and community engagement for
greater brand awareness, presence and growth.

More than 50 industries served – globally.

Medical Weight Loss Doctors
Agency Owners
Interior Designers
Health Practitioners
Accounting + Financial Institution

…and more.

Luxury Travel Agents


We’ve been there. We’ve done it. We’ve helped countless clients do the same.

  • Company acquisitions
  • 7 and 8-figure growth
  • Dream homes, vacation homes, and investment properties purchased
  • Inc. 5000 recognition
  • Million dollar launches

Now, it’s your turn.

Are you ready to fully step into visionary leadership and build a high-performance team that can duplicate, multiply and scale your efforts?

Are you ready to take on new projects and ventures while your business continues to run and stay profitable without your constant involvement?

Are you ready to unlock true freedom and exponential growth that can’t be achieved alone?

If so, Legacy Leaders is your place.

Because with that freedom comes...

The ability to give back to your community, funding projects and charities that hit close to home.

The opportunity to launch a second (or third) business and step out of the day to day, start that passion project, speak on stages around the world, or partake in hobbies you’ve been wanting to explore.

The flexibility to work 3-day weeks, plan extended vacations, care for aging parents, or be present for every single one of your kids’ sporting events.

You ran the entrepreneurial 4-minute mile. Now, it’s time to own the role you want to play in your business – and learn how to build and mentor a dream team of intrapreneurs that can finally drive results with or without you.

Your LEGACY is waiting for you.

I was just under 7-figures when I started, and now we’re a multiple 7-figure company

– Allison Williams,

CEO of Law Firm Mentor, LLC | Business Coach for Solo and Small Law Firms

In less than 90 days we were doubling, and by the end of the year we doubled again

– Angela Tran,

America’s Transformational Weight Loss Doctor | D.O of MedFit Medical Weight Loss

Instead of shrinking during COVID, our business grew by 65% for the year

– Jack & Michelle Bosch,

Co-Creators of Land Profit Generator

Instead of…

How would it feel to…

Wasting money on fluffy, over-hyped, celebrity masterminds that look good on the outside but offer no real direction


Lean on a community of people at and past your level for strategic guidance, mentorship, coaching and true masterminding

Wasting time and energy on tasks below your pay grade


Buy hours of time back on your calendar to spend how YOU choose to, because you’ve built a team you can trust

Carrying the mental load of constantly being in charge and managing a team that doesn’t produce


Have a place to step back, relax and feel cared for and supported by your peers and your business advisors – feeling 100% confident in their direction because they’ve achieved the level of success you aspire to

Feeling isolated and lonely in the process of building your empire without a true support system of people who understand the nuances of what you’re going through


Have a group of peers who GET IT – they not only relate, but can offer insights, feedback and guidance on how they’re navigating similar experiences

Being the primary marketer, salesperson, and service delivery person in your business – balancing it all with leading and vision-casting for the company


Have A-players on your team who can sell, market and serve – and be held accountable for getting results – no hand-holding required

Running a million dollar business, yet still taking home the same (if not less) as your corporate salary


Take home millions to reinvest strategically, build wealth, support your loved ones, fund projects and donate to causes close to your heart

Dealing with constant churn of employees because you have no real system for onboarding, training, and retaining team members


Hire and elevate team members beyond just the producer-level and have leaders in place to own and drive results in their respective departments

Making inconsistent mini-leaps in revenue with no real system for predictable profits


Have a scalable system for revenue growth that gives you predictability and peace of mind

Why Legacy Leaders?


60% of business owners are unprepared for any type of exit.

Inside Legacy Leaders, we’ve created a space where you can think strategically about the future of your organization and start building in alignment with that (even if it’s years down the road).


There are limited resources available to multi-million dollar business owners who are ready to scale from $1M to $10M and beyond.

So we’ve designed a curriculum specifically for the 7+ figure entrepreneur who is ready to free up their time, expand their sales opportunities,build a true self-sustaining dream team and organization, and pay themselves a substantial amount.


When you’re not surrounded by big thinkers, high performers, and others at and beyond your level, it can be isolating at times.

So we’ve curated a community that brings together business leaders with a diverse range of expertise, from health practitioners, to real estate educators, to luxury travel agents, to agency owners, to Inc 500 recognized businesses and everything in between — exposing you to ideas, strategies, and insights from every industry imaginable.

Legacy Leaders is an application-only 12-month program that marries true group masterminding with highly-customized 1:1 consulting, direct mentorship with our strategy team,

and unique in-person events, to create a dynamic coaching experience that emphasizes community, customization, and next-level strategic guidance.

Are you ready to elevate your leadership, uplevel your peer group, and claim your space in the market?

Carefully cultivated. Second to none.

Learn more about our exclusive community of trailblazing industry leaders:

Debra Berndt Maldonado,

CEO and Co-Founder, CreativeMind and CreativeMind University

“We had our biggest month ever — $270,000 in one month.”

Shameca Tankerson,

Inc. 500 CEO, Sales Trainer, Business Success Mentor, Investor and Speaker

“I had blinders on about being the salesperson in my business. It wasn’t until I said yes to Legacy Leaders that it became abundantly clear I was leaving millions on the table by doing my own sales calls. We’ve fast forwarded into building out a team in that direction and I’m super excited about it.“

Shelley Riutta,

Founder of The Holistic Business School

“We ended up having 5 launches that were 6-figures!”

A snapshot

of your experience in Legacy Leaders…

Our Focus:

Leadership | Lean management | Financial literacy | Operational excellence | Key reporting |
Building profitable sales teams | Scaling launches | Marketing Strategy

What’s included in your annual membership:

  • 3 Annual In-Person Experiences: two in South Florida, and one surprise location experiential retreat
  • Weekly group mastermind + coaching calls with our board of advisors (Thursdays from 2:30 to 4pm ET)
  • Two 50 minute 1:1 consulting sessions with your business strategist each month
  • 24/7 access to our Legacy Leaders curriculum, including trainings on:
  • Leadership
  • Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding
  • Team productivity and profitability
  • Mindset
  • Business Strategy
  • 24/7 access to our Legacy Builders (refining systems and operations) and Empire Builders (sales, marketing and visibility) curriculum + access for one employee, so that you can grow in alignment with your team (more than 300+ digital training videos)
  • Weekly Live Biz&Build (Tuesdays at 1pm ET): Live Strategic Advisory Calls with Kelly Roach, followed by Master Coaching + Implementation
  • Full KPI tracking via our BizBase client portal

Living what we teach.

About our company


75+ clients surpassed $1M


7-8 figure growth in 15 months


Inc 500 recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in the US


4 best-selling books


Top rated marketing podcast, The Kelly Roach Show (2+ million downloads)


Giving back: 2 fully-funded projects with Charity:Water


Stevie Women in Business


Featured in Forbes, Inc., Business Insider, ABC, NBC, and more

The Business Advisory (formerly Kelly Roach Coaching) was founded in 2012 by Kelly Roach, a former Fortune 500 executive turnend award-winning CEO and business growth mentor. What started as a side hustle helping individuals unlock freedom, fulfillment and financial abundance through entrepreneurship, quickly became a renowned multiple 8-figure global coaching and consulting company, bringing billion-dollar corporate strategies to the online space.

From one intern to more than 30 full-time employees and executive leaders, the Business Advisory has become one of the leading coaching and consulting companies for service providers looking to scale online and achieve rapid, multi-million dollar growth, with 3 tiers of programs for established business owners at the 6, 7 and 8-figure range.

Have questions?

Our team is here to help.