Systems are the Key to SUSTAINABLE Success

ChalkboardPuzzle-300x200I am a huge believer of systems in business. It’s not nitpicky, it is essential.

Everyone can catch a break every now and then and capitalize on an unexpected volume order, but is this a safe way to predict your long term success? Absolutely not!

It is usually in the business’s best interest to minimize accepting large projects and sudden volume needs because it damages your ability to stay focused on the important daily actions that ensure long term success.

Do you want one big month coupled with eleven months of stagnant activity or twelve months of progressive, predictable growth?

In order to build a business that is stable and progresses in a systematic way,
you need just that: SYSTEMS.

Do you have these things in place for your business? If not you could be leaving thousands, if not millions on the table. Here are some of the most important daily rituals that will keep you going and growing year after year:

  1. An iron clad billing contract that ensures you get paid in full and on time.
  2. An auto responder series so that when someone makes an inquiry into your business they receive a series of follow-up emails driving them to the first point of sale
  3. Bundles and packages so that you aren’t trading hours for dollars
  4. A referral marketing program with incentives so that your customers help build your business for you
  5. Lead generation tools that attract your ideal client and build your list – the most valuable asset in your business!

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