Less Customers, More Income?

26459893_s-300x300Is it overwhelming to think about how to attract 25, 50 or 100+ new customers in order to achieve your income goals? Of course it is.

Good news! You don’t have to. What if I told you that you could still achieve your income goals even if you only attracted half or even a third of the new customers you thought you needed.

By incorporating a customer retention plan to maintain your existing clients and by expanding each customer’s spend, you can grow more rapidly, with greater ease and less stress. For example, if you are currently maintaining a client’s auto insurance why aren’t you handling their homeowners insurance and life insurance?

It is pretty common knowledge that it is almost 7 times more expensive to close a sale with a new client than it is to retain or up sell an existing one.

Take this a step further. By increasing your client’s spend, pricing in the top quartile and creating bundled high dollar packages you can actually make more money while servicing less customers.

Think about it!

10 customers @ $1,000 spend per month equals $10,000

50 customers @ $200 spend per month equals $10,000

Would you rather work around the clock servicing 50 customers in order to earn $10,000 or effortlessly service 10 customers and earn the same amount?

The beauty of combining a retention plan with sales, marketing, referrals, up-selling and bundling is that you have a multitude of different entry points and price points creating income from a variety of sources. You capture more of the market by varying your price point and you capture more of your client’s spend by offering a variety of products and programs to meet their needs.

Rapid business and income growth boils down to systems that incorporate these elements in a fluid, consistent way. If you want to learn more about how you can increase your profit and get your business growing rapidly by leaps and bounds contact my team at customersupport@kellyroachcoaching.com to learn about the various programs offered.

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