This Stress is Only Temporary… Relax!

JustDoItSometimes the stress of life beats you down. Sometimes it literally takes everything you’ve got to get up in the morning anstressd keep moving forward. And when you are additionally starting your own business, that stress can double itself and rear its ugly head when you least want it to.

Our responsibilities, priorities and financial obligations can weigh us down. It is easy to feel trapped and often suffocated by our own lives.

I am here to tell you to take a deep breath. Everything is temporary. All the stress and strain can and will be relieved. But there’s one caveat. Things will change no matter what, but whether they change for the better is up to you.

The quickest way to beat that stress? Taking action. Take the leap, even if it won’t be perfect, and do it.

The biggest misconception about those who achieve massive success, enormous financial gains and an extraordinary quality of life is that they are special or different. Truth be told, all massive success comes down to taking action daily. The truth is no matter where you are today, it is never, never too late to change your circumstances.

These same people we view as “untouchable” or as having the “perfect life”
experience stress just like we do — the difference is that they are willing to work
through it because they know it is not a permanent state.

The best advice I can give you to start making big strides fast is to just start doing it! Whatever it is! If you are already in business spend an extra hour a day doing sales and marketing. If you have an idea you have been sitting on for months, weeks or even years spend your lunch break, or just an hour a day after the kids go to bed working on your dream.

One hour each day can be life-changing. Start setting your alarm an hour earlier… your body will adjust! Brainstorm ideas when sitting in your car or on the treadmill. Finding time to take even a baby step will cut down your stress and bring you closer to results.

Believe you can and you will. I believe in you.

Need an extra boost of motivation? Check out this post and podcast episode: How to Change Your Life in an Hour a Day. Added note: all of the episodes of my podcast, Unstoppable Success Radio focus on positive changes and building your business!

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