Increase Your Closing Ratio NOW!

PowerfulStrategiesSmart business people know that a high closing ratio is essential to achieving great income with reasonable hours. Tracking and measuring your effectiveness closing sales can help you dramatically improve the speed with which you achieve your goals.

Here are a few key criteria to look at:

  • How much activity does it take to get a client into a “Buying Conversation?”
  • How many client “Buying Conversations” does it take you to make a sale?
  • How many sales do you need each week to achieve your business and income goals?

Increasing your income and reducing your working hours starts with tracking and measuring your Closing Ratio and then creating the ideal conditions to improve it so that you can get the best result (most sales) with the least effort (fewest conversations).

Some people may need 10 or even 20 prospect conversations to get a sale while others may only need 1 or 2. See how much that changes how hard you have to work to get to where you want to be?

The biggest mistake most salesmen make, whether an employee or business owner, is that they try to close sales by talking vs. listening. They primarily find themselves pitching blindly instead of seeking to understand the client’s specific situation and presenting a solution that is a direct match for their client’s frustrations, desires, challenges and needs.

The easiest way to improve your closing ratio immediately is to focus your
sales conversations around asking questions, listening and letting
the client provide you with the answer key to what is going to drive them to buy.

Then and only then do you present your solution as it relates to their wants and needs. Leave the rest of your story out.

It’s that simple. You can start closing more sales, working less hours and earning more money by simply following the steps I described above. For more tips, strategies and solutions to achieve your business and income goals go to and apply for a FREE 30 minute strategy session.

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