Change Your Life in an Hour a Day

Money-Bags-Chart-300x225You can change your life in an hour a day. Don’t believe it?

Get started now and do it for 30 days, then talk to me!

Can’t find an hour a day? Go back to my blog post, “5 Ways to Save You Time While You Build Your Bottom Line” and listen to my podcast, Unstoppable Success Radio.

I guarantee you will find enough ideas to save you 10-20 hours a week, personally and professionally.

Let’s get back to How to Change Your Life in an Hour a Day.

In 1 hour a day you can start a new business, or dramatically grow the one you already have, you can change an old habit, learn a new hobby, or do practically anything you have always wanted to do.

Almost everyone is juggling multiple jobs or businesses, children, family responsibilities, and a million other things. Most of the business owners I work with run more than one business, or work a full time job and run a business, or provide their children with primary child care while building a freedom-based business. There is no such thing as having one focus these days; we are all multi-tasking like crazy!

I have found that even for the busiest people, a dedicated hour each day of focused sales and marketing efforts can transform their business in ways they didn’t believe possible.

All it requires is discipline, laser focus and a strict plan for how you will spend your hour on profit generating activities.

In an hour a day you can complete any combination of these profit generating activities to increase your income (and change your life) NOW:

  • Make up to 50 outbound dials to potential clients and prospects
  • Send an email making an offer to your whole list
  • Place an ad promoting your free offer
  • Call to follow-up on hot leads and recent sales meetings to move them towards the close
  • Reach out to current clients to ask for referrals and introductions
  • Schedule up to 20 pre-planned social media posts with a call to action for your target market
  • Write a new sales page
  • Create a new flyer or brochure or get out and start distributing an old one

Here I have listed just a few suggestions, but you have to identify where you will get the highest ROI for your business. The bottom line is that most entrepreneurs get so distracted doing meaningless tasks in their business that they really don’t make the time to do the only things that really matter when it comes to achieving their goals.

You have to ask yourself honestly-how many hours a day do you spend 100% dedicated to profit generating activities? Many times when business owners are really honest the answer is 0.

Sales and marketing occur haphazardly, but these efforts are not happening strategically or efficiently enough to generate a specific and consistent end result.

I love helping business owners cut through the millions of to do’s to identify the few action items that will get them to their goals!

If you know this is what you need to do to change your life but aren’t quite sure how or where to get started, reach out to my team today at to schedule a FREE strategy session to help get you started on your way!