5 Ways to Save Time While You Build Your Bottom Line

Who doesn’t want to build their bottom line? Everyone wants to, but not everyone knows the smart ways to do so.

Modern business conceptYou don’t need to add hundreds of hours to your schedule to see a difference. Why?

Outsourcing and delegating can change your life.

Many times people don’t want to spend money to get help but they don’t realize that by spending a few hundred dollars to get help they could be increasing their monthly income by thousands with the time now available to grow their bottom line.

Look at it this way;

say you want to be earning $100,000 per year, that’s an average of 2080 hours with a 40 hour work week and a few weeks of vacation. Divide your $100,000 salary by 2080 and that tells you need to be earning $48.00 per hour.

Anything you can outsource for less than that, you should. Then, replace it with activities focused on profit generation to grow your business and income. Try it now with your own numbers.

Here are 5 simple things you can do right away, personally and professionally, to save time:

1. Get set up with your local grocery delivery service. For a small fee they will deliver your whole grocery list to your doorstep. The best part is your grocery list is stored and you can add, change, or just hit re-order anytime. Peapod is an excellent service to look into. Time Saved=2+ hours per week for about $7.00.

2. Switch from long cardio and strength training sessions to burst training for your daily exercise. Burst training has the same effects and studies show people are actually more likely to stick with it because it is manageable blocks of 10 minutes throughout the day. Also, start integrating exercise into your workday vs. having to add hours at the beginning or end of an already long day. Check out JJ Virgin to start learning how to transition to the burst training model. Time saved=2+ hours per week for no additional cost.

3. Outsource your dry-cleaning, cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands or a combination of these. There are plenty of services, companies and even retired individuals looking for part-time work for a very reasonable rate that can take these things off your plate so you can have more family time and grow your business and bottom line. Time saved=5+ hours per week, costs vary.

4. Outsource your administrative, operational, tactical and techie to-do’s to a virtual support team, intern, admin, etc. If you already have an admin or support person, make a list of all of these types of tasks you are doing currently and stat training them to take them over. Quality check, train, reinforce and eventually these tasks no longer fall on your shoulders. Time saved=10+ hours per week for anywhere from 12.00-40.00 per hour.

5. There are some activities that are critical that you do such as your genius work, sales and marketing oversight, and financial control of your company, however, a little organization goes a long way. By batching like tasks together you can make a world of difference in your speed with which you get through what you need to accomplish. Time saved=2-10 hours per week depending on how organized or disorganized you are now!

Imagine how much your bottom line could be impacted by allotting your time wisely.

I challenge you to spend 1 hour this week setting up some new personal and professional outsourcing plans. Before you can add more to your plate you need to make space for something new… especially if your goal is to impact your bottom line.

Imagine all of the possibilities!

Ps. For more productivity hacks, check out my podcast, Unstoppable Success Radio!