What’s Inside “The Secret To Closing More 7-Figure Clients” Program

selling-successDue to popular demand, we are RE-OPENING access to my program, The Secret To Closing More 7-Figure Clients – for 5 days only – beginning Friday, November 27.

Now, if you’ve been following along with the e-mails and you watched our “Time To Thrive” video series, you already realize this course puts my many years’ experience in sales to work for YOU so you can:

  • Raise your rates and close more clients so you can FINALLY live life on YOUR terms;
  • Increase your profit by 10x by selling to the local companies your competition ignores;
  • Close FEWER clients, while INCREASING profits – in other words, have your cake and eat it too; and
  • Get out of the “proposal” race and get face-to-face with the REAL decision makers (often not who you think it is)

I’m excited to do this in the program…

Start Pulling Back The Curtain And Show You
What You’ll Be Getting When We Open The Doors!

Today, I want to talk about a key principle of the program: what makes it more relevant, special, and powerful to your business success than anything you’ve seen up until now.

If you were to survey nine out of ten small business owners or entrepreneurs, they will tell you they’re working far too many hours for far too little income.

They’re burning themselves into the ground. And we all know what the statistic is; 8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first 3 years.

That’s right; far too many businesses crash and burn simply from the owner collapsing on the hamster wheel of chasing enough revenue to pay the bills for a business they’ve grown tired of.

How The “Internet Obsession” Is Killing Businesses Every Single Day

Listen: what I’m sharing in this program goes against the grain of what’s “hot” and “exciting”. (But then again, what’s so exciting about struggling?)

Internet marketing takes skill, and it takes investment, to do the right – meaning, profitable – way. A of entrepreneurs are literally losing everything, trying to implement strategies that they’re not really educated on how to implement or how to get a return on investment.

The “Internet Obsession” is killing dreams faster than lightning strikes, because without the right resources or the ability to invest significantly many are failing to put the right foundation in place.

Therefore, what I will show you provides you the tools you need to

Build A Truly Sustainable, Profitable Business Through A Rinse-And-Repeat
Marketing System That Stands The Test Of Time

Yes, in this day and age, internet marketing is critical. Local businesses need to be “global” because their customer who lives right down the street is searching for them on their smartphone.

That being said, who is showing you how to
  • Earn six and even seven figures, starting with a list of only 100-150 carefully selected prospects (a step 99% of entrepreneurs fail to take);
  • Implement the 16 marketing touches needed to close big deals – in a way that’s easy and even fun to do;
  • Get the real decision maker to please stand up – by asking 5 simple question that stop you from wasting time with the wrong person;
  • Automate your sales cycle so you continue to convert new customers even when you’re on vacation (or get “too busy” with a big project);
  • Let the competition “sell for you” simply by asking a few easy-to-remember, strategic questions;
  • Leverage the “Pyramid of Impact” that turns warm leads into $100,000 in six months or less;
  • Close once you get a seat at the table, because little happens until you get to the table; and
  • Powerfully handle when others jump in and suddenly someone you’ve never met is “involved” in a deal you thought you had just closed?

Even though you may understand the basic mechanics of a sales funnel and how to overcome objections, etc. – what my program does is help you anticipate the unexpected, and use simple scripts to manage the process so you close more deals.

That’s Why I Invite You To Join Me Friday When I Re-Open The Doors
To This New Program For Closing 6- And 7-Figure Deals

That’s all for now.

In part II, I will bring on the WOW factor and show you how I’ve already done most of this work for you, and show you some of the incredible, “you can only get that here” training that you receive when you claim your access to this course.

In the meantime, I invite your comments and questions below.

To Your Success and Freedom,




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