New Leads? Do THIS Before Chasing Them

Businessman-RunningThere’s a misconception about this hunger for constant new leads.

The entrepreneurs and small business owners I coach, both privately and in a group setting, are always asking me the same question…

“How do I generate more leads?”

First, I want to tell you that most of you are asking the wrong question.

Similar to the constant quest for new clients is our bent for mining new leads. Truth be told, although lead generation and client acquisition is an important aspect of growing your business, they are not the most important things related to your growth.

Before you continue aggressively seeking out new leads, ask yourself:

Are you doing everything possible to translate your current leads into paying clients?

Here is a list of some of the most important things you should be doing to start converting new leads into customers.

Are you:

  • In front of your new leads every week with compelling content?
  • Consistently presenting new and different offers that excite and engage your audience?
  • Inviting them to engage in valuable free offers to give them a taste of how you can help them?
  • Offering tandem products and services to your current client base to increase your profit and income?
  • Reaching out to current clients, past clients and warm leads on an individual basis to see how you can meet their needs vs. solely contacting individuals via broadcast or in general formats?
  • Offering “entry level” products or services that will allow a broader audience to say yes, then leading them to the next higher price point?
  • Using a variety of media including print, audio, video, social media, email and phone to move your prospects through the buying process?

Most importantly how many voice to voice or face to face conversations are you having with those new leads each week? The simplest, easiest way to grow your business will always be to pick up the phone and have a conversation!

Most don’t realize that they could easily double or triple their current income by doing a better job of engaging the leads, current customers and past customers they already have.

Pick one item from the list above and get started today!

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