Quick Tips for Starting a New Year STRONGER

For those of you who like to start each new year (or new month) stronger than ever, here are five quick tips to get it done.

There are two approaches to the Holiday Season as an entrepreneur or business owner and how you handle it is totally up to you. Some use the end of year as a hibernation period to refuel and re-energize, taking a reprieve from the craziness all year long. Others use the final weeks of the year as a spring board to ramp up going into the New Year with a bang.

Which one are you? If you’re a go-getter, these quick tips are for you.

  1. Launch a Holiday Sale, offer a special promotion or create an incentive to buy now! People love a bargain and will pounce on a discount. Use email, social media, audios and videos to make it fun and engaging for your audience. Use a resource like Fiverr, Elance, or Odesk to create a cheap, yet effective graphic that represents the promotion and use it in as many formats as possible.
  2. Create a special lower dollar offering specifically for your Warm Market. Sometimes you need to give people an easy, no brainer, way to say yes to getting started with you. Once they see your ability to provide a much greater solution they will start opening up to your higher dollar offerings. Go back to EVERYONE that has inquired about your products and services in 2014 and make phone calls, send emails and re-engage them in your community.
  3. Set your new year price increase and offer a special Holiday incentive to make purchases 1 last time under the old rates if clients or customers re-sign now! This is as easy as sending an email.
  4. Set phone or in person appointments with as many prospects on your warm leads list as possible to review their past year goals and projections and see how you can support them. This can be a special 1 time only 20 or 30 minute session where you offer complimentary advice, guidance, quick tips, and service that quickly leads to a sale. Remember that the highest impact, most valuable interaction you can have is in person followed by the phone. You can skip over months of passive selling and get right to the dollars by using these methods of contact.
  5. Review all of your current and past customers and ask yourself if you are providing them with an effective next step solution to work with you. Sometimes getting people to pull out their credit card is as easy as giving them a good reason to. Sometimes we get so caught up in the rhythm of what we are already offering that we forget to offer an exciting progression for the customers that have already purchased one or more of our products or services.

If this entire list of quick tips seems too overwhelming to put into just a few weeks, pick one or two to start… you’ll see more progress than expected!

Which of these quick tips are you going to implement? Tweet me @kellyroachint using #quicktips and let me know!

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