Jessica Rhodes on Leveraging Podcasts for BIG Growth as an Entrepreneur

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Jessica Rhodes is not only a respected colleague and friend of mine, but she’s also absolutely CRUSHING IT with her business, Interview Connections, and in the middle of the launch of her very own book, Interview Connections: How to Rock the Podcast from Both Sides of the Mic.



Jessica is the Founder & CEO of, hosts and cohosts THREE podcasts – Rhodes to Success, the Podcast Producers, and The Parenting Rhodes.



In this episode, Jessica is covering:

  • How podcasting not only gives people the “celebrity factor,” but is easier to start than you might think – and Jessica is sharing what to outsource, delegate, and do on your own
  • The role of mindset in starting your online presence and tricks to amp up your confidence
  • Specific benefits of being a guest on other podcasts (and the ROI vs. traditional PR), plus how to get booked easily with Interview Connections


Another BONUS! Jessica is giving away 500 free copies of her new book + free training videos and bonus gifts if you head to and sign up! (Only pay for shipping).



Mentioned in this episode: – Jessica’s company that will get you booked on podcasts in your niche quickly and easily

Interview Connections: How to Rock the Podcast from Both Sides of the Mic – Jessica’s new book that covers how to leverage the power of podcast interviews (great for entrepreneurs in growth mode!) – Jessica is giving away 500 free copies of her new book!



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