How to Become an Influencer: Become an Effective Leader

Do you ever feel like owning a business is all work and no fun? You may still be in the transition stage from super employee to CEO, but don’t worry you are almost there! Today’s video will teach you about the magic 4. A four-step process which will teach you how to become an effective leader, help you learn how to become an influencer and create excited and empowered leaders. It will also bring you one- step closer to the freedom and fun that comes with being a CEO.

The Magic 4: A 4-step process on how to become an influencer and inspirational leader

  1.       Teach

Your number one role as an entrepreneur is to teach. Whether it is your customers or your employees, everyone wants results! You need to show them how they can accomplish their own personal goals.

  1.       Manage

You have to hold people accountable for their results. Make sure to set weekly goals for your employees and hold them accountable for achieving them.

  1.       Coach

As a coach, you need to work as hard at making your people successful as you expect them to work at delivering results for you. In order to build your winning team, you need to give them real time feedback and redirection. Everyone needs a coach, be that coach!

  1.       Inspire

When you become an inspirational leader and form a bond with your employees and your customers, nothing will stop you. You will become unstoppable! All the hard work and years of sacrifice will pay off! You will reach a point where you team can deliver results with or without you.

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