How to Choose What to Focus On in Your Business

After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners (and running my own business), I’ve seen and heard the common question:

“With so many things to manage at any given time, how can I choose what to focus on in my business?”

Here’s the thing: you may have about 100 tasks on your plate every day. But you can’t focus on more than 3-5 projects at any given time. So, what’s worth your energy, and what can you get rid of or outsource to someone else?

Episode 19 of Unstoppable Success Radio is your 20 minute Monday morning crash course to ditching overwhelm and deciding what YOU should be spending your time and energy on.

You will learn:
  • The importance of ranking your income sources and quantifying your past clients
  • How to work from a point of strength and to better leverage the people and resources you already have
  • My top 6 tactics you MUST include in your business growth strategy

Running your own business means you are a hardworking, goal-driven individual with a yearning for success. But, you don’t need to sacrifice yourself, your time, or your money trying to focus on or do it all.

Focus on your genius zone and work from a point of strength to get more meaningful, profit-building projects done each and every week.

And if you’re not sure how, you can learn in just 20 minutes!

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Learn more.

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