Getting the “No:” Lessen the Chances of Rejection

16297383_s-300x300How comfortable are you with getting the simple response, “no“?

Most business owners, regardless of their current level of financial success want to know one thing, “How can I get more leads, customers and sales?”

But the truth is, you’re asking the wrong

Improving your closing ratio and consistently following-up with your current leads is faster, easier and much less expensive than constantly attracting a new pool of interested prospects.

Many business owners confuse accumulating new leads with effective sales and marketing strategy.

So how do you tell the difference (and get a lot less people to say no to you)?

Ask Yourself:
  • After I get a lead how many times does that lead hear from me in new and different ways?
  • What does my company do to WOW new leads from the start with helpful, free, gifts, tools and resources to engage them?
  • What is my specific strategy to take a lead from simply entering their name on an online form to having an effective conversation with me which leads to a successful call to action and/or sale?

Let’s talk about getting less people to say NO for a minute.

I could talk for hours on this subject and in fact I do weeks and weeks of training with my clients on this subject, because it is so critical in determining your income as an entrepreneur.

Here are a few tips to make it a little tougher for your prospect to say NO to you:
  1. Give, give, give before you ask to receive. Let the law of reciprocity work for you. This will make people less likely to give you a “no” right off the bat.
  2. Be certain. Whoever is more certain tends to get what they want. Be certain about the value you add, what your time is worth and the result you deliver. Remember, how you say it has more to do with the outcome than what you say.
  3. Focus on them. Ask questions and then listen. Your prospects will tell you what they want and what would make them willing to pay. When you focus on them, their needs, and the result you can get for them, you’ll start having much more productive conversations.
  4. “No” typically means “Not right now,” if you are talking to a true ideal prospect. Follow-up is the most critical component of your sales strategy. Most sales do not happen after one meeting, phone call or pitch.

What can you do TODAY to improve your closing ratio and get more clients and income this month?

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