Dreams DO Come True : Kim Randsom of Pittsburgh Gymnastics Club

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Welcome to another episode of ‘Dreams Do Come True’ — today’s featured guest is my client, Kim Ransom!


ddct kim ransom

Kim is a gymnastics professional and entrepreneur and has been coaching for over 20 years. She owns a gymnastics facility and is passionate about teaching women to be physically, emotionally, and financially empowered. She’s not only coaching competitive gymnastics, but using her gym to improve the social and local economic community.




It was a never ending admin cycle and I knew that I didn’t want to do that anymore. But I didn’t know how to fix it.” — Kim Ransom on her time before The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program


Typically, our episodes are structured as 30 minute training sessions from me. The Dreams Do Come True segments are meant to give you a real life taste of what’s possible for you when you invest in yourself, leverage the systems that work (that are presented on this podcast!) and give you the inspiration to achieve your business dreams.


So far in her time in The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program, Kim has raised her rates, maxed out her gym, and went to a referral-only business.


Kim and I talk about:

  • How to come back when entrepreneurship knocks the wind out of you, staying motivated, and the value of leadership
  • Why entrepreneurs get stuck in the business and miss the “outside looking in” that’s so critical in making business decisions
  • How to fill your ‘bucket of happy’ while still running a profitable business
  • Building recurring revenue (if a gym owner can do it, so can you!)


“The value I’ve taken from your group has been tremendous – I learned about things that I didn’t know i needed to learn about, and it’s filled a huge hole.” — Kim Ransom on her time in The Unstoppables Entrepreneurs Program.

Tune into the episode to hear the full interview!



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