Dreams Do Come True featuring Kim Phelan

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Welcome to the second episode of the Dreams Do Come True segments!

Typically on Unstoppable Success Radio, I cover the strategies that will jumpstart your business and help you to achieve your dreams; but, I also want to give you a look at the results that come from actually implementing them. My new “Dreams Do Come True” segment features guests part of The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program, a 12-month business acceleration program and their success stories.


“When you’re making a big leap forward, you always have to take a step back before making that leap” – Kim


I’m thrilled for you to meet my client (and friend!) Kim Phelan.  Kim is the Vice-President for the Coalition for Hemophilia B, a non-profit organization dedicated to making quality life a focal point for individuals with Hemophilia B in the 21st century.  I am so proud to say that Kim has been able to more than double her revenue while in the program and is here to share how her business and life have changed.


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