How to Cultivate a Powerful Money Mindset

Are you finding yourself stuck in a plateau of no business or money growth?

Have you read other guides, signed up for webinars, watched livestreams, read every ebook under the sun, and checked off each step along the way…. but still saw no results?

liveYou can execute twenty other strategies, but it’s likely you’re still avoiding that one thing that will bring you the change and growth you desire.

Here’s something you may not know: your own thoughts are more important than your actions.

You need to start with your thoughts before you get the results you want because

Thoughts lead to actions, and actions leads to results.

You may be wondering what shifts you need to make to get your thoughts on par.

I’m here to tell you it’s totally OK if your thoughts are letting  you down because everyone has been there.

All those success stories you hear?

Those people went through periods of struggle and failure too, but that’s what led them to become serious students of personal development and get their entire focus on what’s most important in their businesses and lives.

If you put in the effort to change your mindset, you too can see the results and success you’ve always desired.

Mindset comes before mechanics.

For entrepreneurs, one of the most common mindset struggles is a money block. Maybe you struggled through life, had scarcity thinking growing up, have a sense of guilt about obtaining more wealth, or any combination of these.

Unfortunately, scarcity thinking is hard for entrepreneurs. It is easy to develop this mindset in the early stages of a business where you feel like everything you earn is being invested back into the business. It may even lead to you being overwhelmed and frustrated.

Even if you’re not an entrepreneur, scarcity thinking can impact your day to day life in ways you’ve never even thought of. Think about how comfortable you are doing these:

  • Picking up the tab when going out with a friend?
  • Making donations to charities you’re passionate about?
  • Making investments in your business for long term results?

If you said yes to any of these, it’s time to change your money mindset.

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I want to improve my money mindset!

Money blocks are a mindset problem.

To understand how to get rid of your money blocks, you need to understand where they come from.

It starts with the belief system your were raised on. Maybe your parents taught you to be scarce with money or that wanting to be wealthy was a bad thing.

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to believe that anymore. Those beliefs from your childhood were only taught to you. Now that you’ve had your own experiences,

You can choose your own beliefs.

Start by examining your beliefs about money. Why do you want to make money?

Whether it’s to help people, make a difference, or simply to live out your potential on this Earth, you’ll need to start by creating wealth and success for yourself.

Here’s a few habits you can form to create a new money mindset:

  1. Develop 5-10 “money mantras” that you repeat to yourself every day to keep yourself inspired.
  2. Surround yourself with abundant people who will support you.
  3. Honor and value your hard work.

Keep practicing these and you’ll form new habits in no time. Your new habits will reflect your new beliefs, which will influence your thoughts. And remember what I said in the beginning,

Thoughts leads to actions, and actions lead to results.

Now go out there are get the results you deserve.

If you want to go deeper into gaining a better money mindset, here’s a few resources that will help you on your journey. 

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I want to improve my money mindset!