How to Build An Effective Team

How to Build An Effective Team

Knowing how to build an effective team within your business is probably something you have wondered about — whether recently or if it’s been awhile.

You’ve gone through the hiring process and just can’t seem to find that perfect candidate to take those tactical to-dos off your plate.

Plus, you want to make sure you’re adding employees that will make you money, not cost you money.

I think we can all relate.

This is why it’s incredibly important to build an effective team. So how do you get there, and what can you do if you team is not performing at the level you desire?

80% of the reason why your employees aren’t performing is due to your management

The majority of what makes an employee successful is how they are being managed. But the thing is, you have complete control over this!

When taking control of the coaching and leadership in your business, it takes these 6 considerations to build an effective team:

  1. Acknowledgement
    • Get clear on whether or not you have a roadmap set up and a plan for success with your employees. Where the energy flows, results grow.
    • Ask yourself, “Does each employee in my organization have a weekly activity roadmap and specific deliverables that I’m following up with on a consistent basis?”
  2. Accountability
    • Maybe it just takes having a team meeting once per week to start. Start with 5 minutes in the morning laying out what’s expected and in the afternoon following up on what was generated.
    • Its up to you to follow up and follow through in order to address the true priorities within your business.
    • What you really want to happen in your business, you have to make sure you are following up on daily
    • Inspect what you expect!
  3. Documentation, Systems, and Templates for Tracking
    • Make your work within your business transferrable. By doing this, work can be passed down the line and reused for training purposes.
  4. Having monthly one-on-one reviews to discuss performance
    • The surprising thing is, most small business owners don’t do this in their business
    • The goal is to build relationships with your staff and the people that support you.
  5. Daily and weekly coaching for course-correction
    • This is really important. If you’re not giving and getting feedback, you’re not assisting your team to course-correct as they go and you’re not perfecting their craft to become an expert at what they do.
    • Think about it…. If you continuously keep repeating the same wrong things over and over again and your management isn’t helping… you are only getting good at doing something the wrong way.
  6. Incentives, Recognitions, and Milestones for Key Achievements and Contributions
    • Do you celebrate your employee’s milestone achievements openly?
    • A manager showing recognition has been proven to trigger a response in employee satisfaction as a financial windfall.
    • Saying things like “Great Job!” and “Congratulations!” can make a huge difference in how your employees work for you.

So you’re probably wondering, “Well I know how to build an effective team but who should I be hiring?”

When considering the key candidates for great teamwork, it takes these three people to ultimately make hiring new employees easier than ever.

  1. Bookkeeper:
    • This person not only tracks the revenue and writes off expenses, but tracks the money coming in and out so you’re always in the loop on your money.
  2. Virtual Assistant:
    • Having this person as your right hand will save you time, money, and sanity. They handle the tactical to dos, they get the work done and ultimately ensure that you are in your genius zone as the business owner.
  3. Graphic Designer and Technical Support
    • Within your business, every time you run a new campaign, you’re going to need someone who handles the graphics
    • But you also need someone who does the marketing, advertising, copywriting, administrative work and lead generation.
    • Maybe it takes one or two people to do this. Remember, not one person has all the skills to do these things.

Begin to implement these strategies and learn how build an effective team!

A profitable business is built upon 5 main pillars: mindset and productivity, a 7-figure foundation, strong sales and marketing systems, engineering your celebrity and building a winning team  — we’ll be walking you through the principles of each in this blog series.

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