Engineer Your Inner Celebrity

Engineer Your Celebrity

Within business, it’s important to “engineer your celebrity.”

Maybe you’ve been in the business owner role for a while now and you are well into the groove of your everyday tasks.

But are you leveraging Facebook marketing, doing weekly calls and webinars with prospects and speaking in front of audiences in your target market?

In today’s society, marketing relies heavily on social media, videos and speaking. It is important to engineer your celebrity to grow and scale your business!

With just SEVEN helpful tips, you can begin to understand why it is so important to engineer your celebrity within your business!

  1. Get Booked as A Speaker
    • Get crystal clear on who you want to speak to. Begin by writing down exactly who your ultimate audience would be.
    • Are you willing to travel far, speak in front of thousands of people and maybe not get paid? Find out what those parameters and boundaries are before you get started guest speaking.
    • Look at your contacts! Let them know who you are and that you are going to be speaking so they can then make referrals for you!
  2. Text Message Marketing
    • In order of this to work within your business, you have to always be attracting new and qualified leads.
    • Host nurturing events like google hangout and live webinars. Find out what it is that will get you more visibility and commit to it!
    • What’s the best opportunity for a conversion event? A sales conversion! Figure out how you include text message marketing within this.
  3. Facebook Marketing
    • Start with a list building strategy. If you are just getting started and don’t have a big audience you may need to start with boosted posts and like campaigns.
    • Create an ad that tells what your company is about and includes a small description of what people will gain from liking it.
    • Promote, Promote, Promote! Each and every week you need to be promoting posts and bringing value to your audience.
  4. Create Pattern Interrupts to Accelerate Results
    • As you go through the sales and marketing process, you will figure out that as people get closer and closer to making a buying choice with you, they may begin to stall, ignore and procrastinate.
    • You as a business owner need to be interrupt that process by sending out emails to clients, checking in and making it about them.
    • This process interrupts because it’s about THEM!
  5. Create Your Episodes / Weekly Show
    • Did you just make your first podcast and want to put it out there?
    • Simply start by making three videos. One that is an intro, another with strong content and lastly another awesome content episode that includes a guest speaker.
  6. Selecting a Webinar Topic
    • Use a variety of descriptors to define your webinar. Topics such as business growth, nutrition and health are just some topics that are going to sell and attract viewers.
    • This isn’t something you do that is automatically going to drive sales to the door. It takes practice!
    • Use interesting topics such as how to’s, best kept secrets, step by step process and more.
  7. How to Promote Videos
    • Start by making any kind of video whether it is two minute tips, making webinars, or a weekly live stream
    • There is no right or wrong way, but make it consistent. The only way you will get results from any objective in business is doing it frequently and consistently.

Start to engineer your celebrity today!

A profitable business is built upon 5 main pillars: mindset and productivity, a 7-figure foundation, strong sales and marketing systems, engineering your celebrity and building a winning team  — we’ll be walking you through the principles of each in this blog series.

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