Increase productivity in your business and life

Increase Productivity in Your Business and Life

As small business owners or entrepreneurs, sometimes it feels like you could increase productivity in your business and life.

If you just had that extra squeeze of more results out of your workday, you would feel less stress and strain.

Maybe you need to implement the 80/20 rule.

80 percent of effects come from 20 percent of the causes.

Not only can the 80/20 rule maximize happiness and grow your business and profits but it can reverse and create desired outcomes

Consider this:

  1. 80 percent of your income comes from 20 percent of your clients
    • In looking at how much time you spend with various accounts and people, you want to know your ranking of each customer and client and make sure you invest appropriately in those relationships.
    • Make decisions around your retention program and focus for renewals
    • Go above and beyond for these clients and don’t lose them
  2. 80 percent of results come from 20 percent of your effort
    • Are half of your efforts not giving you any result? Perhaps you need to start getting rid of things within your business that just don’t generate dollars or results.
    • Acknowledge that perhaps you need to really analyzing and track your work day. Consider what the results are from those tasks. You’ll begin to find major todos that maybe just aren’t working anymore and causing you to not reach goals you have set for yourself.
    • This rule will then reveal itself when you start doing things you may not want to do– but it’s getting you the results you want and need.
  3. 80% of sales comes from 20% of your products
    • What products in the market are moving? What are people wanting over and over again?
    • Focus on those products or requests and continue to do them.
  4. 80% of your efforts in most circumstances can be eliminated with almost no negative impact
    • Only do the things that are going to get you results.
  5. 20% of your work consumes 80% of your resources
    • You as an entrepreneur have to make sure it’s the right 20 percent or it is going to work against you, instead of for you.

Even if the business is now moving more productively, you might still have that feeling of wanting more energy and focus.

In following these rituals of 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs, you can start to see better and faster results to increase productivity in your business and life!

  1. Gratitude
    • When you wake up every morning, consider writing down everything you are grateful and or thankful for. Not only will this give you more energy but give you the right mindset going into your day
    • But how can you do this? Start a gratitude journal, gratitude exercise, gratitude meditation
    • Whatever it is, start to embody this characteristic. If you’re not doing it now, you can begin and start seeing changes within your business, life and ultimately increase productivity
  2. Personal Growth
    • We all want to go higher, achieve more and set new standards in our lives
    • You have to constantly be invested in what you are putting into your mind, how you are stretching yourself, learning and be better aware of yourself and growth
    • To be invested in your personal growth, you have to be always wanting to learn, pushing yourself and wanting to become more.
    • Practice this by attending conferences, listening to audios, reading books or even personal development podcasts to see productivity growth.
  3. 30 minutes a day of learning
    • Are you serious about growing a successful business for the long haul?
    • Then you need to start committing 30 minutes a day to learning and growing
    • Get on mastermind calls, read business books, learn new skills. Whatever the case may be, just by spending a minimum of 30 minutes you can sharpen your skill set and innovate to become a 6 or 7 figure success.
  4. Sleep
    • One of the key things to feeling energized the next day is getting at least 7 hours of sleep
    • Not only will getting sleep increase productivity but give you the energy you need to get more done throughout the day
  5. Exercise
    • So many small business owners or entrepreneurs don’t workout enough and go for years sacrificing this practice.
    • Join the gym, go to work out classes, get a trainer, begin to take care of your body and get into a routine.
    • If you’re not doing this simple practice, not only will you have low energy but you’re going to feel drained within your business. Just by getting in shape, you can increase productivity and stop feeling stagnant.
  6. Leverage your time
    • So many entrepreneurs say they are struggling to grow. The number one reason why this is happening is because they are spending time doing so much busy work that its consuming hours throughout the day.
    • Consider delegating, automating, building a winning team and spending times on things that don’t fall below your pay.
    • Ask yourself “Are you spending time on functions in your business that are your pay level, expertise or money you are trying to make?”
  7. LASER beam focus on PROFIT AND SALES
    • If you want to achieve a high level of success within your business, you have to get comfortable with putting yourself out there and focus on profit, sales, marketing, advertisements, team and growth orientation.
  8. Measuring and Tracking
    • I know, tracking isn’t fun and maybe it’s something you just dread doing.
    • However, if you don’t have the system to keep track of numbers or measures within your business, it’s not going to facilitate any kind of growth or increase productivity.
    • Begin to live by this and implement it to see productivity growth
  9. Invest in themselves
    • Get out of your comfort zone! Know that everything is going to cost money and or time.
    • You have to decide if you would rather spend your time or money on the things you are seeking.
    • Consider investing in conventions, masterminds or mentor groups. Whatever the investment is, begin to grow yourself and learn more!
  10. Successful 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs limit the toxicity
    • Do some people not support you? Are you watching the wrong kind of media?
    • Evaluate what you are surrounding yourself with ask yourself if its moving your forward.
  11. When a business isn’t growing, its lacking the disciplines around the basics
    • The people that are growing and prospering, those businesses have a laser beam focus on those key areas.

Just by following these steps, you can increase productivity in your business and life!

A profitable business is built upon 5 main pillars: mindset and productivity, a 7-figure foundation, strong sales and marketing systems, engineering your celebrity and building a winning team  — we’ll be walking you through the principles of each in this blog series.

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